Suggestions needed for old childrens puzzles

pegtnAugust 8, 2007

I bought some old (i'm guessing 1950's) puzzles at a yard sale. There were about 6 puzzles in a box. One box had religious puzzles and the other was animals. I would love to frame the religious puzzles and hang them in my sunday school room, but they are odd sizes and will not fit into regular frames. Do you have any suggestions on how I can display these great old puzzles?

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I haven't seen them displayed as puzzles - but I've seen the individual pieces as jazzed up refridge magnets & jewelry . I'm not much help - hope you get some great ideas !

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how about gluing them to a piece of plywood or something then using that stuff called "puzzle saver" (or somethng like that) then attach a picture hanger to the back

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Sure, just a simple backing like MDF would probably work in this case. Or you could get jiggy with it (pun intended!) and glue them to interesting old boards, if you were interested in adding an extra "junk" element to it, I'd imagine.

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Thanks for the great ideas! I was planning on using the puzzle saver on them to glue them together, i just had no idea how i would hang them up. I like the idea of the MDF board. The puzzle pieces themselves are very neat. Some of them are shaped like animals, or vases, birds, just different things. I just love the bright 50's or 60's colors that are used in the puzzles, and they are in great shape,not ripped or torn.

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you could also get those cheapy round wooden tables at wal mart and make the puzzles the new tops of the tables....

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You could use lightweight foam board some $stores have them for $1. Easy to cut and sturdy enough for hanging.

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I might try the foam board instead. It would be a cheaper way to go. Thank you all for the suggestions.

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I like the table idea, and the gluing to MDF would look neat with a picture frame around it. All your puzzles sound neat and fun!

As far as the puzzles that have different shapes you mentioned. I would coat them with diamond glaze or resin and make earrings and pendants.

Have you ever heard of 'smuzzles'? I think that's the correct name they go by. Anyway they are small puzzles that all the pieces are the same shape. I saw them one time years ago at a educational type shop and how neat they were. Wish I had one now to make jewelry.

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Neat idea! I would use the MDF but cut it larger than the puzzle to make it appear to be framed and paint it. You could do some decorative painting on the "frame" part or add some narrow decorative wood trim. Cover the rough edges with ribbon. Add a decorative ring shaped hanger.
Good luck!
Debbie in Florida

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