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lydia1959December 16, 2002

Earlier today I received a email from Ramada Plaza Resorts stating that I was eligible for a 3 day/2 night package in select cities. Orlando was one of them and since we are going there this summer I promptly filled out my name, address and phone number and received the certificate. Something seemed 'not quite right' so I did a search and found the following website. Thankfully, I haven't sent them any credit card info. Just wanted to let everyone know to avoid this "scam".

Here is a link that might be useful: Ramada Plaza Resorts

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It's a "Time Share" presentation. You give them $50 on your credit card and they give you "whatever" and sit you down for an 90 minute "presentation" of their rip-off. You should get your deposit back.

It's a little known secret about timeshares in Orlando. Not only can you get the initial weekend free, but when you check into your hotel, the concierge can probably get you discount "tickets" to the parks.

Even if you dont' check into the "right" hotel (on your initial freebie), just go to any of the many Flea Markets (or even the hotel next door), and get another "Deal"... The going rate (as of 12/13/02) was $70 if you were already at a hotel.. That translates into $20 tickets to the attractions -- a very substantial savings!

Whatever you do, if you're going to DizzyWorld, don't buy tickets ahead of time at $70 each!! .. Spend 90 minutes at a timeshare and get the ticket for $20 or so.


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I did not act upon the mail coupon ( $ 1,600.00 )US, not because of my smarts but their telephone lines were busy. So I went to search for email address and found all warnings I needed.
I would love to listen to the sales pitch.


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