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BeverlyALDecember 19, 2002

In April we will be traveling from Alabama to Southern California using roads in the vicinity of I40. We will be returning on roads in the vicinity of I70. I would like to know of any interesting things to do and see on this tour excluding the National Parks which are a given. I would also like to know of any restaurants or cafes that have particularly good food anywhere around this route. No chain restaurants please. I'm not interested in anything in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco or LA area. If you have stayed in a particularly good lodge in a park I would like to hear about that also. Thanks ahead for your help.

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Beverly, we went west a few years ago, but mostly did the national park thing: Grand Canyon, Redwood Forest (northern CA, Mount Rushmore. Yea, it was a long trip. One interesting place we ate was the Big Texan steak house on I40 in Amarillo TX; home of the 72oz. steak. They have a web site. Not sure how close it is to I40 or 70, but the Mesa Verde National Park was very interesting. There were lots of interesting places we saw along the way that I would have loved to stopped but we were pushed for time. Maybe one day we'll get back out there. Hope this was some help.

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Thanks for answering MaryAnn, we are planning on seeing a number of national parks. I will check out the steak house you mentioned.

Happy Holidays!

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