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azcactusflowerApril 5, 2011

A friend was going to throw away a couple of cement balls so I asked her for them. I decided I would try and create a gazing ball. Here is how I started.

A little bit farther.

Now that I am finished. I would like to know what color of grout would you recommend in order to make the colors pop out? This is my first attempt and I do not know what color would be the best. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance?

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Some shade of gray - If I were grouting it, I'd grout in sorta a dark charcoal. I mix black and pearl gray for the desired shade. Congratulations - it's wonderful, and w/certainly be beautiful in any garden. You're on your way, girlie. Isn't it fun?

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OMG that's so pretty! And I'm still trying to understand why anyone would want to throw out cement spheres, but that's beside the point. I'd almost want to go light, like a pale gray or white, mostly because I already love the look of it right now. Wow, that really is a dilemma.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog

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I love it. The red flowers are so pretty!
Seems like charcoal to pop, or white to have it look similar to how it looks now.
I have a sperical cake pan, gotta make myself some orbs as soon as the weather allows.

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What about pale blue?

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I say green grout!!!, grey or white grout and if you don't like it, a diluted green wash! It is so cute! I NEED a concrete sphere! I have a Garden Tour at the end of the month and want to do one as a prize for "Design Hints for Jane's Yard" Contest!!! I started a glass orb 2 days ago, but was careless and dropped it, I even had some solar lights to go in it!!! And it was fav color!!!

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Okay, so we've got dark charcoal, charcoal, white, light gray, pale blue and green.

Wasn't that nice of us to narrow it down for you? LOL

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That's one of the reasons I love garden web forums. I know that I will lovingly be given very good suggestions. I also have all the wonderful examples to look at!!!
I am sure each color will bring out some facet of the gazing ball. I am thinking about it. I have one more cement ball to pretty up, so I have time. I kinda like the white because it really shines in the sun. Decisions,decisions!!!!! Thanks ladies, I appreciate all of your suggestions and comments.

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In the end, it always boils down to the choice of the artist. It's a beautiful ball and w/be beautiful w/any color you choose. Every project is a learning project too. Anxious to see what you do.

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"Anxious to see what you do."

I know, me too! You've done a beautiful job so far. I'm sure whatever you choose, it's going to look great!

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I will be grouting this weekend. In the meantime I have made two more gazing balls. One is a multicolored flowered one andl the other is a blue flowered one. I have really enjoyed making them. It is so relaxing!!! I bought the black grout because from the pics I have seen the black seems to make the colors really pop out. As you ladies have said, it is a learning process and however it turns out, I know it will be beautiful. Thanks to your encouragement and suggestions. Will post as soon as they are done.

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