need book on refinishing furniture. Anyone know of a good one?

birdtalkerAugust 24, 2006

I am a real beginner and would like something that explains the dos and don'ts that everyone else takes for granted.

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Don't know really too much about refinishing furniture but you can get all the books you need to look at for free at the public library. Otherwise, I think Barnes and Noble Book Store has a great selection on whatever you're looking for.

You don't specify what kind of "refinishing" you're doing, or to what kind of "furniture." Can you be more specific.


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already been to the library, I was asking for a recommendation of a really good book title to look for. Frankly, I have a big project, not much time or energy and do not have time to wade through tons of bad books. (I am a full time caregiver and my free time is limited to 5-10 minutes here and there and no time to browse libraries and bookstores((((( Recently I was looking for info on how to frame pictures, the most likely book at the library was about how to make the frame , it spent loads of time on how to miter the corners and what wood to buy and how to sand it, but absolutley none on what methods are used to secure pictures or glass in the frame and none on the various methods of hangers on the frame, how to apply them and which is best for what.
I was hoping some crafter out there would have a favorite book she/he could recommend. you, know, some book they had used and really liked!!!
I am refinishing Cargo brand furniture which is yellow pine, a wood that gets harder and darker with age, it is finished with an oil finish and has been scratched heavily by cats with strong claws. I am getting new cushions and covers, beige colored, and would like to sand out the scratches and then refinish with a tung oil based penetrating oil finish in a semi gloss or satin finish. I need to know about using power sanders. My husband bought me two to use but they have little to no instruction on how to on wood. A lot on hwo to plug them in etc. none on what grit to use. I have already done most of the sanding on the ottoman but do not have an idea how far to take it and with regard to sanding and staining. I put a tung oil finish on the top of the coffee table years ago and need to know it I can sand it off or has it penetrated too deep to re do?

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