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secondlouiseApril 15, 2010

This morning at 3am I woke up and decided I would do the backsplash with different broken pieces of stained glass very similar to the video showed the lady did with broken pottery. I would not use the individual picture frames and glass I had planned to use. Should I do it on wood board? What wood? Would I use what y'all call cement board. I want to use something I can remove. Some of my stained glass is transparent so I will need to paint the wood or board. Today I went out to get more glass and found a lot of pottery and china pieces which I went ahead and bought. OK. What now? Can one combine the two? Is there an example I could look at where someone has used both? This would not be a scene, but rather a patchwork of various pieces. Should I mix or just go with the stained glass? I WANT TO START!! Again what do I mount them on?

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ANYTHING GOES!!! Klinger did an awesome backsplash and I believe she used 1/4inch plywood, you can get 1/4inch cement type board too at a tile store, painting the board sounds good if you are going to use a transparent glass. We have even used clear glass over pictures and word cutouts too. I'm not sure how many old "threads" have backsplashes in them but you can search and find some maybe...I'm thinking of just going over the ugly tile I already have on my lazy to pull it off, just go right on top of it, why not!!?? I just saw a video that showed you can buy "extender boxes" for your electrical outlets on the wall, they have them because people are using thicker tiles now(marble,slate etc)Yup, forks/knives/1/2 cups, anything you can imagine, can go on a wall!!!

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What CALAM said - anything you desire to use as tesserae is OK. For a kitchen and bathroom I used cement board over 1/4" plywood, and used cement-based mortar for adhesive. As you can see from my pictures, I mixed stain glass, old jewelry, painted shells, lamp parts, whatever. Go for it, SEC: You'll kick yourself later for being so afraid to start. Once you start, all kinds of ideas and inspiration w/come to you. Just be sure and use the proper substrate and adhesive. DO NOT USE HOT GLUE, and if there w/be water issues, I wouldn't use Weldbond. Either mortar or Silicon w/be what I'd use. BTW - I recently did the upper part of the counter - not happy w/it but it's there forever. Waaaay down at the bottom of "View Album", are pictures of the counter I did two/three yrs. ago. Wish I'd left it like that. I had PLANNED to only do little bits/pieces around the mirror and sconces, but NOOOOOoooooo - I couldn't find a stopping place, and .........
Bathroom Counter and Splash

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Let me clarify on my substrate. On the bathroom counter, I put over the existing plywood, which wasn't in great condition, 1/4" plywood, then 1/4" hardibacker (cement board). For the upper part, I mosaiced right onto the sheetrock wall, since there's no water issues that high up. Yeah, I know - some advise against that, but I don't follow rules well.

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