St. Croix anybody been there?

Fat_DaddyNovember 19, 2003

Hawaii is out.. Wife sez 14hrs burns 2 days and two much

Island hopping... NOw this is her choice

anybody been there.


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My son and daughter inlaw went there shortly after sept 11 for their honeymoon. They really liked the island, it has an interesting history, I believe it was a danish settlement.


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It's OK. My best bet would be Aruba. Always Sunny and safe.

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The crime rate is really bad. The cruise ships have all but stopped going there because of it. Headlines in the papers here about sewage running in the streets in Christiansted (which is a beautiful town.)

You've been to St. Thomas, so why not try St. John?

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You might try the other St. Croix Island, between Maine and New Brunswick. It's celebrating the 400th anniversary as the first French settlement in North America where not everyone was massacred, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: St. Croix International Historical Site

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Yes - have been there and chose to live there!!! Do NOT listen to GingerStThomas. St. Croix actually has LESS crime than St.Thomas, St. Thomas pays the cruise lines money to stop there!! St. Thomas is known as "Little New York City" in our neck of the woods and fine for maybe a day or at the most two. St. Croix is a laid back island that LOVES visitors. We have a wonderful history, have preserved our historical sites, have the best diving and beaches in the Caribbean, and the nicest people.
Our saying is "we live here and we love it"
Check out the link is not my website however, even I enjoy the webcams!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Go To St. Croix

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