Hiding wall oven behind a cabinet door?

modern_missMay 14, 2010

I'm remodeling a ranch-style home and my kitchen and living room will be in one big "great" open room.

I love the look of the sleek, minimal, modern kitchens (that don't look like kitchens) and I am thinking about putting a double wall oven behind a cabinet - so I can hide the oven when I'm not using it (and so I don't have buy a beautiful but expensive Miele or Gaggenau but can get away with something less expensive). I'm thinking about using a flipper door in front of the oven. I would live the cabinet door open when i'm using the oven (so they don't melt). Has anyone ever attempted this?

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I haven't, but think it could be against the building code. Heat would be trapped by the door & there would not be enough ventilation. You need to check with your local building permit dept.

I'm wondering why you think it would be necessary to purchase a high-end oven if it would be in sight?

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This is now the rage in Europe especially with the Italian Mfg.

5 years ago when we tried to do this for a client the local authorities balked and there had to be a way to disconnect power from the oven/ cooktop while the doors were closed.

Huge nightmare, and unless you have a fairly thick checkbook, I'd drop this "idea" now.

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I was just at the Snyder Diamond showroom in Santa Monica, CA yesterday and they had a new wolfe/subzero display set up. One of the vignettes had a wolfe wall oven set into the cabinet and then had these side doors that came out and covered up the oven (kind of like in some tv armoires... )
Not sure if this would be to code since it was just a display, but it looked pretty cool. I can try to take a photo if I get back over there....

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Yes, check with your local inspector and then read the specs of your oven carefully. Maybe even contact the manufacturers if you are unsure of the required airspace for your oven.

I think it's a great idea! : )

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My custom cabinetmaker designed a hidden oven for a kitchen we ended up scrapping. It is not hard at all. The oven installs in a frame, the cabinet is built around the frame with room to slide doors in between the frame and the cabinet. David T. Smith has an example on his website that we used as a guide. I am just away for a meeting. I'll try to find the link when I get home.

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Hidden ovens are in the Shaker Kitchen and the Primitive Kitchen

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: David T. Smith Workshop

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I think it would be important that the cabinet look as good with the oven exposed as it did with the oven closed off. After all it will be open when the oven is in use, and I would imagine it would be left open sometimes for convenience sake.

Because if this it will end up quite a bit larger than the oven itself.

It may be easier to install the oven conventionally but have it out of the major sitelines of the great room, undercounter height for example.

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Check out kitchen workstation furniture for ul listed solutions that safely hide ovens.

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