Puerto Vallarta

gtsmith99November 1, 2002

Hi. Me and my wife are going to Puerto Vallarta for a week at the end of November and are staying at the Mayan Palace in the Marina area.

Does anyone have any experience they can share about this resort or about Puerto Vallarta in general? Fun things to do, places to go, things to see... etc. etc.

I know there was a huge hurricane that hit last week, but the clean-up is going quickly from what I hear and everything should be fine by our arrival...


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My Dh and I were there last January and had a great time. One thing I would suggest, if you are into beaches, is go to Destiladeras Beach, it had great powdery sand and the surf was not as rough as in the hotel zone. It is about a 30 minute drive from PV.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn so I can not say how the Mayan Palace was but Puerto Valarta is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy your vacation there.

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Oh also, definitely take a walk along the boardwalk in Downtown Puerto Vallarta along the beach. There are several neat sculptures, like a dolphin, etc.....I have photos of our PV trip on Webshots, if interested I could send you the link to them.

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