what to do with old windows, glass intact

trailrunnerbikerAugust 13, 2006

I was given 18 old windows with the old glass intact. I was wondering about ideas to make them into something attractive to decorate walls, porches etc. Any ideas would be welcome. I just discovered this forum ...I am usually over in Kitchens and Old House. Thanks in advance Caroline

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Hhmmmm...I'd love to have that problem! :)

* You can paint scenes in the panes and hang them in a room that doesn't have enough/any windows.
* You can build a structural frame of 2x4's and use the windows as the wall material, making a small greenhouse.
* You can build coldframes using the windows as the lids. * You can hang them, one or a few, in any outdoor openings Like our outdoor porch/entryway...we have a tall brink pillar and a half wall between that and the house wall. It leaves us with a big opening above the half wall....you can hang windows in there making a faux wall...so to speak. You may have the same situation indoors.
* Use them on a deck...take out a few bannister poles and fit a window in there...giving yourself a little bit of a wind break as well.
* Turn one on it's side and put hooks (or old doorknobs)on the bottom board, making a hat/coat rack.
* Replace the glass with mirror and hang in the house.
* Hang a few on a back fence and train a wisteria (or other trailing plant) to climb along the tops of the windows.

Oh my...I'm sure you can find much better ideas online. Just be sure to use them! What a treasure.

Good luck-

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Hi Trailrunner, Welcome to Trash & Treasure Forum. Attached is pic of an old window I painted. Please check out the Garden Junk Forum for there are several posts regarding old windows, including mosasics, a window fence, glass on glass (glass half marbles made into a design or a picture), etc. Some very talented people are in these forums.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you for the ideas. After I posted I kept looking and I found something called Dave's Garden and there were a bunch of ideas. I don't paint at all but my DIL does. I am trying to convince her to help me. I am going to enjoy looking back at past posts to get ideas to use in our 1890 home. We are about 1/2 way done with our kitchen remodel and then I can concentrate on the mess that was a yard and garden . I hope to use some of the windows. I think trellises would be good. I also have a bunch of folding shutter doors that I am going to hinge together to make a screen for the patio. I wish I was more creative. Maybe you all will give me the impetus to try !! THANK YOU Caroline

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Caroline, your house sounds WONDERFUL! Please share with us as you get projects done.

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Hi again Caroline, Sal here. Here is a pic of a shutter shelf which I bought in VT at a country store. I just love it in my kitchen as I wanted something different to put on the walls instead of just pictures. I made the wreath with a $3.00 rooster I got while on vaca in OH visiting my sisters. I got the planter colander idea from my sis also, her's has a real plant in it with spanish moss. I used light green reindeer moss to brighten the colors on the shelf and stuck silk flower picks in it along with my little hen with the long stripped legs (she's so cute).



Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh my gosh! I love that shutter shelf! I could kick myself for not grabbing up all the little wooden shutters that I've seen at garage sales! Although, they ARE getting pricier all the time.

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