Hawaii can it be done 'cheaply'?

HapyladyNovember 6, 2002

My husband wants to go to Hawaii for our next vacation. We would be taking our 12 year old son and 17 year old daughter. He wants to go to the 4 main islands. I am thinking 2 weeks in early June. However, I am thinking this is going to cost major money!

Can anyone suggest any web sites for cheap airfare and hotels there? Any suggestions to keep costs down? I am hoping to do in for $6 thousand or so. Is that unreasonable?

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Don't do 4 islands, it won't feel like vacation, you'll be running around. Do two, maybe a day trip to a third. There are a lot of condos in Hawaii that are cheaper than hotels, will have multiple bedrooms and provide kitchens to avoid eating out. If you do a web search for condo rental in Hawaii I bet you will find a few agents.
I just went to Lana'i and Maui last summer, it's beautiful.
I sort of saw a third myself, since I flew out of Honolulu. Flying from Honolulu to the Big island will give you a breathtaking arial view of ALL the islands. The Maui airport is small and a complete zoo, plan on over 2 hours departure time, they are totally unprepared for the security requirements post 9/11.

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i agree with lpolk, don't do 4 islands. its too much. maui and kauai i think are the most lovely. you can definately do it for less than $6k--but i think you will have to get a package deal. pick up an arthur frommers budget travel at the newstand and they will have numbers of consolidators to call in the section called "40 greatest vacation bargains." i also agree that a condo is the way to go if you want to save money. you will be shocked at how much eating out (or just eating!) costs--try to eat in as much as possible, it will save you a lot of money. get your own rental car and explore on your own. enjoy!

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I agree about the condo.The last time I went we got a 1 bedroom oceanfront condo cheap! I got it thru Hawaii magazine which is on any newstand.I got my own airfare which was just happening to have a great deal I couldn't pass up.$232 rt ATL-HON.You can still get great fares off Cheaptickets.com

I think 6k is more than enough! We spent more in Walt Disney World for 10 days than we did in Kauai for 14!

Oh and if I had to only pick 2 it would be Maui and Kauai. Then we flew on the 1st flight to Honalulu and spent the day touring Oahu and took the last flight to the mainland.We did all this with a 4 year old.

Have a great time!!!!!


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I would echo the statements above about the condo, also when flying try to fly on days when flights are cheaper. My parents just booked tickets for March to Hawaii and they're leaving on a Mon and coming back on a Thursday. It was about $200 cheaper per rtt to do that. Orbitz.com is a good source for cheap airline tickets and the notifications on the days of your flights are very handy. I had mine text messaged to my cell phone and found out my connecting flight was delayed before they had it on the board in the terminal. I'm not sure what the off season is for them, if there is one, but I would look at going then too...usually you can get even better deals because condos, hotels, etc are more willing to have lower prices.

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Yes it can be done for less than $6K. Get cheap tickets, about $600 R/T from east coast, about $300+ R/T from West Coast.
Do NOT buy your hotels from mainland. Find a web page under Hawaii and THEY have prices less than 1/2 of what mainlanders charge. You can look at hotels, condos, etc.
They have 800 numbers as well, tell them what you want and they will help you!!

We had a great time there...
As far as the multiple islands... if you have about 7 days you can do 4 islands easy.

Remember that the inter-island fare is included in the hotel
prices and so is one car!!!! Inter-island airfare is about $50 EA hop per person...ONLY when you buy thru the Hawaiian agents!!

I would recommend Oahu (Honolulu) 2 days, Hawaii, 2+ days (Both the volcano -Hilo- and the Kona side), Kawaii and Maui.

Food is a bit more expensive than on the mainland.

Have a great time!! It is worth the effort and the trip!

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