Tree of Gondor

meadelApril 1, 2009


( or tree of life) if you haven't seen/read The Lord of The Rings.

I still have the "sky" fill to do. I'm not sure now if I should do blue as I had planned. None of my glass fits right. Or black.

I've been working on this as often as I can. Life has been a bit hectic here.

miss you all !


(This started out as something different. It was going to be just the roots with a bit of the tree. ( for a mixed media challenge) but someone posted a item almost exactly as I had planned to make, so I changed my plan ! Funny how those things happen.)

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Awesome. I have read that many many times. Love the lord of the rings as does iceman and kids also.

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Another fan of Lord of the rings. Your tree is beautiful!!!Whatever you decide to call it, it's amazing, I love it!!! ...please post finished pics..Cathy

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MEADEL: Your work is truly art at its best. I'm still amazed at the one you did on the train in the tunnel, and the old buildings w/the girl sitting on the wall. You and NT beat all. This is so detailed and every tile is placed so perfectly to tell your story. LOVE every part of this - ball chain - who w/have thought to put that on each side? Is this for yourself, a gallery, competition or ????

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Meadel:::: This is so special. It took me a while to obsorb the whole pic. I studied every layer from bottom to top. Love this one.


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This looks really beautiful, it must have taken you a lot of hours for sure, I really like it!

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I love just looking at this and taking it all in.......beautiful work!

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Why thank you all so very much! I'm very critical of my own work and tend to have a hate/love affair with some pieces. The pieces are so darn small, it's really a challenge. ( notice that some of the TG is bigger than some of the tiles. I have to keep taking pictures of it to SEE it ! lol !
Slow, I started it for a challenge but that's over. I'm sure I can fit it into another one. These challenges are so good for me. Very motivating ! I wish you were all in them too!!
I'm not sure what I am going to do with this. ( shrug) I keep thinking I'd like to lure Aragorn or Legolas to me with it. ( Orlando Bloom/Viggo Morgenson) ...drool... But maybe I can sell it?

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awesome meadel!!! I am a Lord of the Rings fan too, read all of the books multiple times.. excuse me while I drool over this some. Fantastic, I especially love the mille's use

Can't wait till you finish!!

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Meadel I'll never forget how powerfully the mental picture of the tree of Gondor struck my imagination as a child. It is one of the most elegant and beautiful visual ideas in literature and you have done a wonderful job capturing it.

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I finally finished gluing. I'll grout on Monday. This has been some labor !
I've redone the sky background several times, not getting what is in my head. But now.. it is what it is..
You all have been creating great stuff. I hope to have more time to respond to all soon. ( My Dad has been ill again.. and for the last two months been in the hospital to rehab to hospital..etc. ) .. sigh...
anyway.. without futher ado.. here is the last wip of this tree !

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Oh! This Tree of Life is absolutely georgeous!!! What a stunning piece. I feel like I've been transported to Middle Earth! Be proud of this.

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Absolutely stunning.

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totally gorgeous!
(another LOTR fan)

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Absolutely professional art. Sooooooooo beautiful, MEADEL. Wish I had your patience.

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