Using aluminum cans question

kudzukweenAugust 8, 2008

I saw some butterfly mobiles I'd love to make from soft drink or beer cans, just didn't have directions. I'm picturing fishing line with 4 or 5 butterflies on each line.


I saw bouquets of zinnias made from all the wild colors of drink cans, and again, found no directions. If anyone can tell me how, I'd love to make these, they were very realistic looking. I can see how they cut the different layers and did the petals, just not how to fasten the flowers and leaves to wire.

Thanks everyone in advance...just trying to keep busy here :)

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Not sure if this helps or not but here is something,2025,DIY_13766_2274159,00.html

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Thank you,Jutes.. :) that was very helpful,especially the part about using the steel wool to smooth the jagged edges. Now I have an idea about how to make stems for them.

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I tried my hand at making zinnias this morning....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's very pretty.

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AHhhh look here. A wonderful sighting. The rare and lovely Mountain Dew Zinnia,
Found in Kudzukweenland, this darling flower has multicolored turned petals and a strong twisted wire stem. These beautiful flowers bloom at the desire and manipulation of their creator in any season.

How many bandaids did your projects take? I did only 3 of the flowers from drink cans and nearly needed a transfusion. I totaled a record 37 tiny knicks, cuts and slices on my fingers, hands, wrists and one elbow. Lets say I am not graceful in the aluminum can cutting skills.


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LOL....I can't wait til I make one from this black and gold energy drink can. I tell ya, I only got one blister on my finger, but that was from using a lighter to melt the ends of my grandsons shoelaces after he chewed those plastic thingies off (oh,come on, I know some of you have been there! lol) So I got the shoes relaced and finished a flower with no blood loss.

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