Ny City Here I Come

marciakmNovember 8, 2002

I have never been to NYC. My husband I will be going there the first week in December. We are staying at the LeParker-Meredian hotel near Central Park.

In the few days we have there (Friday-Sunday) what do I want to be sure to see???

We won't have a car so will probably want to spend a lot of time walking.

A young friend of mine said there is an area where they sell quality "but close copies of the real thing" merchandise. Others have said they go to NY for shopping bargains. Where--it seems now days every mall you go into has the exact stores. What can you get in NYC that you can't find at home?

Any input on the top priorities for an ignorant tourist???

Thanks so much...

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The best place to go for unique shopping is SoHo (south of Houston St, particularly in the area west of Broadway). There are many small designer boutiques there that sell to the fashionistas. Definitely pricey but their clothes are worth it if you're sick of Banana, the Gap, etc. I don't know which neighborhood is famous for copycat stuff--the only one I can think of is Chinatown where they sell Chanel and Gucci knockoffs. I've never bought anything there so I can't vouch for the quality. (Keep in mind that buying that stuff is supporting copyright infringement.)

In terms of things to do, definitely try the subway out. Disregarding what others may say, it's not dangerous anymore. Also, if you have a spare afternoon, go to the Met. It's gorgeous and humongous--I've traveled the world and have yet to see another museum that impresses me more!

There are a couple of souvenirs I can think of that you may want to bring home (unique to NY)-- black and white cookies and a subway token (one day it may be replaced completely by the metrocard). Sadly, I can't think of anything else that we don't share with other places.

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Only 2 days?? MOMA....a must see and very close to where you will be....walk down 5th avenue....visit Rockefeller center, do the tourist thing and take the boat around the island, take a carriage around the Park and see the zoo, Cleopatria's needle and all the dog walkers. See a show.....whatever you can get tickets for. Have a cocktail at Tavern on the Green, buy a watch from a street vendor, eat a real NY bagel, go to a deli for lunch....
And that takes you to the middle of next month!
Enjoy! It's a wonderful city!!
Linda C

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nyc is a place apart--no where else like it in the world. mostly what you want to see in new york is not the sites but the city, the bustle, the frenetic pace, the diversity of people and the grandness of the architechure. i would suggest the following areas if you only have 2 days and you are staying at the parker meridian: (great hotel by the way, you'll love it.)

walk up and down fifth avenue--go into bendels (notice the lalique windows), saks, steuben gallery, tiffanys, st patricks.

walk up and down amsterdam/broadway on the west side from central park south up to mid 80s. stop into zabars, fairway and have lunch at one of the hundreds of restaurants. try an ethnic one--malasian/thai food is great there.

have dimsum on sunday at chinatown. choose a cheap busy dive of a restaurant and eat as much as you want for about $5-$7.

stroll in central park. stop for cocktails at the cafe by the lake. skip the tavern on the green.

hang around the west village and chelsea and soho, all within walking distance, stop in dean and delucas to look at how extravagent and decadent grocery shopping can really get--it used to be edgy and interesting, now it is gentrified and upscale. but its still interesting, fascinating new york.

for edgy (if you like that sort of thing) try the east village and alphabet city.

if you have time for the "knock off" area, go to orchard street (lower east side--walkable from chinatown) on sunday (closed saturday--jewish sabbath) where you will find real designer clothes for 1/2 the price--for example escada for $200 instead of $400. funny little area with lots of bargains if you are willing to look.

museums: there are too many, you have to go by your interests, but not to be missed (even a quick visit): the metropolitan on 5th avenue--go to the temple of dendur and the sculpture garden on the roof if no where else. tiffany collection is great too. also, the guggenheim (up the street from the metropolitan)--for the architechure alone. wend your way around the magnificent spiral revel in new york. the moma for the shock value (this is art???). and the new york library to see one of the great libraries based upon victorian sensibilities.

pick up the new yorker and new york magazine and/or zagats for suggestions for restaurants for brunch and dinner--definately make reservations for dinner. don't have dinner at your hotel--go to one of the interesting restaurants that you won't find anywhere else in the world (russian tea room, gotham bar and grill etc.) for lunch, pop in at what catches your fancy--go for ethnic fusion if you like that sort of stuff. a diner breakfast on saturday morning with the paper is also really new york--but not all that unique i don't think. for a really extraordinary meal that will astonish you--try bruch at the plaza hotel on sunday. you will have to wait in line, but it is more than worth it.

enjoy!!! you will have an unforgettable time i am sure!

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WOW! WHAT A WEALTH OF INFORMATION YOU ALL HAVE GIVEN ME!!! No need to go buy a guide book at the library now! Thank you so much.....I will print off all the suggestions and carry it along with me on the trip!

From Houston, TX to NYC here we come! Guess I need to think about what I am going to take along to wear next--time to get the winter clothes out!

Thanks again!

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FYI to Lindac,
MOMA has moved from midtown to Queens! I haven't been to the new location but if you like art its worth a trip.

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You must go see the Xmas tree at Rockerfeller Plaza, I think it is being lit on or around 12/6. Also go see the Holiday windows on fifth ave.

Breakfast...Ernies on Amsterdam
Dessert.....Cafe Lalo
Have fun

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