Cruise of a lifetime--

ReaderPhilOctober 19, 2005

as far as I'm concerned! My best friend and I are booked on the Authors At Sea cruise on the Carnival Pride ship that will be leaving Los Angeles on April 2. This is a first (and possibly only) cruise for both of us and I would love any tips, web sites, etc. from people who have been on cruises. The only web site I know is We have a suite with an outside balcony. We both got travel insurance just in case! Further plans (flying, passport, etc will be done a little later).

Any help greatly appreciated!!!! Especially if anyone was on the 2004 Authors at Sea cruise.

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Carnival, eh? PAR-TAY!!! Hope you're not looking to get a lot of sleep! LOL!! Carnivals are noted for their party atmosphere, lots to do....if that's what you're looking for..ENJOY!!!

Is this the Mexican Riviera Cruise?

Do you have any shore excursions booked? Tours are a great way of seeing places where you'll be have so little time at each port: take advantage of the tours and see what is worth seeing at each one.

As soon as you get on, book the LATER dinner time. If you're on shore, you'll then have time to return to the ship, shower, and get ready to dine in a much more relaxed manner. Book into a table of 6-8...lots of people to chat with and with that number, you'll usually find someone you want to talk to.

Did you get any shots? IF you're visiting Mexico, etc, get your Hepitatis shots if you're going on shore. Drink only bottled water/sodas/juices or beer. On board you're fine, but if you stray, watch your foods/liquids.

Other than that, RE-LAX! Pace yourselves...ENJOY!!!

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