recycling old tires to beauty!

tauniaAugust 8, 2007

Hello, I really didn't know where to put this, but it was so interesting and I wanted to share this site that I found. It looks pretty cool. Enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to make planters out of old tires

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That looks really interesting. Its just about time to get new tires for my car, I may have to enlist hubbys help and try one of these.

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Too bad I didn't see this idea earlier. My DD drove my DS's car with a very low tire. Evidently, she hit a pot hole, which damaged the side wall of the tire. There was no way to repair the tire, either. My DH left the damaged tire with Sears when he bought the new one.

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lol I was explaining these tires to my husband and he laughed and said that his mother had one in her yard for years. He already knew exactly how to cut it and turn it inside out. I guess I had just never noticed it lol.

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I have never done this but I have heard you can cut them with a jig saw on a slow would be easier and safer than using a knife...(for me at least, I'm prone to cutting myself with knives)

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I wonder if it will work with motorcycle tires? We own a mc shop and pay $1 per tire for proper disposal. Oh honey can you look at this idea...?

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Very nice, but it looks hard to do.

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those have been around for years.. My paternal grandmother had one all of my life. Now my mom has one... it's funny how ideas resurface.

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