betty's backsplash question

bettycbowenApril 19, 2009

I'm still working on my backsplash - had a million other things to do in the meantime. I'm trying to finish up around the kitchen window. I'm using an indirect method for this part. Some parts of this method are perfect for me - most, actually, but it needs some fine tuning. I have tried different kinds of paper for the transfer, but am tired of how much time it takes to get all the paper bits scraped off once it is up. I am thinking about using contact paper instead. Is that something other people use? I think it would save me so much time and mess. no waiting for glue to dry.

Are youall laughing at me for not having used contact paper all along?? I hear sniggers out there somewhere ;)...

AND, I have discovered I reeeeeeaallllyyyy do not like seeing the thinset between the tiles AT ALL. I am tinting it, but still. I end up spending hours scraping the most visible thinset smooshiness out with a pick, like I'm being a dental assitant.

SO I am thinking about doing the rest of this section by painting the wall (all primed greenboard) in my colors, and using a dot of silicone on the back of each tile once it is stuck to contact paper and flipped over.

Any thoughts??

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No idea you brave soul. This is one project I haven't tried, so others will have to chirp in. Sure would love to see what you have done tho.


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So you're going for an ungrouted project w/your green wall showing through? If so, I'm all for the grout showing, and highly recommend that you grout, but your plan should work as long as you don't have so many dots to do so that the first ones dry out b/f you apply the last dot and get it flipped over.

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I seriously don't think its a good idea for long term stability, Betty. there won't be anything "marrying" the individual pieces into one. I still stick with thinset as my recommendation and suggest you apply less in a thinner application so that you get less smoosh through.

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Thanks guys. No I wasn't going to let raw wall show through, I'd paint it in good colors like anna fietta (link below). I visited her smalti shop in Ravenna a few years ago, and I think her work is gorgeous. My backsplash is smalti, there is very little space between any of the tiles at all, they are usually touching or nearly so.

OK, so what about the contact paper? I just spent two or three hours scraping elmers glue and butcher paper of the section that I had up. grrrrrr. bits of paper trapped between tiles. I've tried parchment (not supportive enough in the put-up process) and even waxed paper. I'm thinking either muslin or contact paper next time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anna Fietta Smalti Studio

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