curious questions for New Hampshire natives!

BridgetOctober 28, 2003

We just got back from NH.We decided to have an adult evening while we were there, but our efforts to find any bars or strip clubs were fruitless.( We don't usually participate in these activities, we just thought we would do something naughty.) Anyway. There are no such things there! And what is with the "liquor warehouses"? There don't seem to be any little liquor stores. And what's with all the cops around the road construction sites? They were nowhere else to be found. And how come none of the homes have gutters? Love the attached house/barn look, by the way. Thanks!

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All liquor sales in NH are state controlled. They have very low prices, and that's how a tax free state raises revenue. Beer and wine are excluded, but hard liquor is available only in at "the Commission".

Cops at construction sites? dunno. Beats hangin' out at the doughnut shop? :)

Bars. Depends on what town you're in, kiddo. Where were you visiting? I can think of several in one resort community, but NH also has a reputation for being very tough on OUI.

No one has gutters because we frequently have a lot of snow. It melts, refreezes and the gutter frequently are torn from the house; "ice dams" occur when the melt refreezes and the begins to melt again... the water behind the "dam" invariably finds its way down through the walls and ruins ceilings and walls. Messy, expensive, and a general pain in the a--. The inclement weather is also one of the big reason you see so many farmhouses attached to "bahns". No need to shovel snow to get to the animals! and plenty of "cold" areas to store perishables without having them freeze.

Obviously, you're from "away"... where?

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I was visiting from New York. It was just so different up there. Here there are bars, etc. everywhere you look,where as in NH there just seemed to be restaurants with bars IN them. We were around the Concord area, mostly. Well, thanks for answering my questions! Take care!

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Is this Bridget that is looking for strip clubs the same Bridget that was ISO family restaurants in NH for the trip with three young daughters? I know that they start young in NY but...

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Just want to say that New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful states I've ever visited. I was fortunate enough to work a trade show in Dixville Notch in Northern New Hampshire at the Balsams. (This would be a whole 'nother post on wonderfulness.) We flew into Portland, Maine (another jewel) and drove to NH. Wow! So beautiful. We stopped at a park (have no idea where, but in NH) and the granite was absolutely spectacular. Guess you could say that NH is just a natural high!

Wanting to go back,

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I suspect the past two weeks and some NH heating bills would cure what ails you, Patti. ;)

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LOL Chelone! Yes New Hampshire is really lovely as are the other New England states....I was wowed by them also. But yesterday it was 75 here in So. CAlifornia, sunny and not a cloud in the sky - I gardened all afternoon....New England is fabulous to visit, but don't think I could take the a summer cabin in Maine would be a dream come true.

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