Gazing Ball Yard Lamp

craftylady-2006August 13, 2006

This forum has been slow and I posted the msg "Where is Everybody." I have put this same post in that post and want to start this one so you good folks know this board is not going away. This is one of two pics, see the other post for the other pic.

So here is a pic of a yard street lamp pole that I found and after tyring different things for a light, including wrapping a small basketball in tin foil, (oh my gosh, that was horrible), then buying a vase that was alright but too small, I opted to go buy a yellow gazing ball. I found the bench and it needs new boards cut for it. The old farm milk can I painted. I have switched the motif of this pole around so many times, but I like it and I find something else I want to stick out there for a change now and then.

Hope to see everyone joining back in and making this forum an everyday "check see" for all.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yea Sal, Get things rolling around here. Now come to my house and get me motivated, will ya?
You're doing some awesome stuff. Keep it up.

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Ooooheeee! How pretty! You did a good job.

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I think I did see this on another forum, but I still likey!! :) You have talent Sal. Great job keeping things going here! ~Anj

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one way to beat slow and thats talk and I know there is still more than one of us guilty of talking to much .
my trashed to fixed these days is my plumbing "broke" and my body "broke" trying to get both repaired. very nice work . Rick

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