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oceangirlmeAugust 8, 2008

It's in great shape except for the door. The door to the hutch has a decorative veneer to it and half of it is missing. I want to remove the rest - it's about 1/8" thick. What't the best way to do this without breaking the glass? Any ideas? I was thinking about using a file but I think that will take forever. Thanks!!

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Can you remove the glass? I've done one china cabinet, it had glazier points holding in the glass. I used a screwdriver and pulled them out, then after I was ready to put glass back in, I used my handy dandy silicone(LOLLLL...Ok,yeah, I use that for EVERYTHING:) )I pushed the points back in with a screwdriver. If the glass doesn't come out, then use a lot of painters tape to tape off the glass, and scrape the veneer off with something like a paint scraper. I never tried this, but I read somewhere about using the steam from your iron,or using a heat loosen the veneer. But I never have the tools I need and have to improvise :)

I hope someone has a better answer for ya, and good luck with the hutch! Show pics!

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