Newport, RI & sailing lessons

cheloneOctober 1, 2002

We're a "child-free" couple.

"We" own a sailboat... yeah, right!

He loves to sail, I never did.

NEVER "learn" sailing from your helpmeet. EVER.

We went to sailing school! I, the non-sailor, had the time of my life. REALLY. I haven't had as much fun in long time. I learned to sail without fear, and when we returned home I actually went sailing with my helpmeet and wasn't scared witless. Nor did I allow myself to be ordered around. No need! I knew how to do it, too! Nicest of all, though, was the "level ground" it gave us. We were able to work TOGETHER to enjoy something only HE'D enjoyed before!

Newport is fun place, so much to see and do. GREAT CHOW. But we sailed 7 hrs./day for 5 days. If you want to sight-see, sailing school is NOT for you.

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That proves what I call Rule number 2 for a good marriage....find a hobby you both love to do, or learn a new hobby together.
In our case we learned to scuba dive some 17 years ago together in the infancy of our marriage. That hobby has been an ever-lasting source of travel, entertainment, good friendships, and many a story!

Good advice Chelone!

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I took a one-half day sail from Newport. We went in the morning. It was very foggy. I loved the eeriness of the bay - the sounds of the buoys and the wind in the sails, sloshing noises. However my husband thought it was worthless. In case you guessed - Frank has never been a sailor!

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