Making pens from hollow handle knife silverware

ljarviAugust 31, 2009

Can anyone tell me how to make ink pens from hollow handle flatware knives. I've seen some online for sale but would like to give it a try myself.



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Kudzu- Cherry does them. Hopefully she will come on & tell you. Her leg is giving her problems so she hasn't been on much. You could go to post further down where she made Sunflowers & see if it is on her site. She made lapel flower holders with them too. She is very talented & often uses silverware in her crafts. Could put in her site name "Kudzu" & see if you can find them that way. Jan

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hi there! I've been out of the loop for the most part, but I do come back and try to post now and then :D Mostly I craft in my bedroom and make a lot of things,but I haven't been photographing them all, or getting the "how-to" photos like I should.
I LOVE the pen made from the hollow silver handle, and this is how I do can search for more detailed and better how-to's,lol!
I have a small pair of bolt cutters, and I recommend these for all of ya''d be amazed how often you'll use them! About $5 at Harbor Freight.
Cut the knife handle off with the bolt cutters, being careful with the design in the handle, keeping the pretty design on the part you use. You might hit the stainless steel part of the knife blade, if you do, use pliers to pull them out, then you can re-cut the handle with the bolt cutters if you need to, to neaten them up. ( in fact, check first to see if the blade will come out with the pliers before you cut)
After I cut them, I used my pliers closed, to slip inside the handle and round it out, keep checking here, to make sure you don't make it too big. I use Bic Stik type disposable ink pens....they're round.
I use a coarse emery board to file the edges smooth, you don't want any bits of metal to snag and cut your hand!
Polish it if you like...and you're done!
When making a small flower vase....I drill a hole near the top on one side, and slip it on a clear suction cup to hang in a window or on a mirror, or glue on a pin for wearing a fresh flower on your lapel!
Hope that was info you're looking for! :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's blog

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