Ewwww! Coffee pots in hotel rooms?

Glitter53October 4, 2005

A friend of mine and I were chatting about hotels when my DH and I were planning our last trip, and she asked me if we ever used the complimentary coffe service in the rooms. I said yes, sometimes and she then asked if I EVER saw any clean pots in the maids' carts. Noooo...well, she said..just how do they clean them? UGH. Visions of dirty rags swooshing around in those pots have since kept me from using them!

Is she paranoid? Am I? How do those things get cleaned? I really have never seen a stack of new pots in those carts....your thoughts?

Thank you! Yuck! I hope she's wrong....

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Good question. I never gave it a moment's thought but then since my husband is the only one who drinks it I guess I don't care. Making the coffee would boil out any bacteria I assume. On the other hand, I wouldn't think of going to a hotel without flip flops in my suitcase because there is no way I am putting my bare feet down on the carpet or bathroom vinyl.

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Oh, goodie! Something else to worry about! LOL!!
Actually, I don't think the water boils enough to destroy any germs.....yuck!

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Never see new blankets or comforters on those carts, either. Or pillows. Ewwww....so now not only do I continue to bring my own pillow...but a blankie, too?

Or I could just stay home....;-(

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Hotel rooms bother me a bit also, even nice ones. The blankets have been used before, so I always keep the sheet folded back over the top edge of the blanket. It probably is wise to wear flipflops in the room. My husband fixes and drinks the coffee, but I do not.

On the other hand, millions of people stay in hotels with no ill effects, so just some general precautions like those above are plenty I believe.

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I always run a carafe full of water through the coffeemaker before making coffee and discard, to clean out both the carafe and the plumbing.

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We make and drink the coffee and I don't even think about it.
Now, the blankets, how many chins (or whatever) have rubbed it. I make sure I have the sheet between me and the blanket.
We have stayed at ***** hotels and less, and there was one time I didn't even take off my clothes, I think the 10-20 minutes I slept, my head didn't even touch the pillow. It was awful, but it was that or sleep in the car and I begged DH to sleep in the car!
We were leaving on an early morning flight and we are two hours from the airport and that was the only hotel that had availability.
I know why!
We were trying to make it easy on ourselves, but in retrospect I would have rather got up at one or two in the morning and left for the airport. It was the alltime worse evening I have ever had, in a hotel room.

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I know what you mean, I am grossed out with the coffee pots in hotel rooms too. I always take a small bottle of dish soap in my bathroom bag. I use it for various reasons, coffee pot being one of them. Makes me feel a whole lot better. I enjoy the convenience of coffee in my room. I always take booties for my feet too.

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We never make coffee in the hotel rooms. I just take their little coffee packets home with us, and use them in my little 4-cup coffeepot in my home office!

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You could bring a Hot Shot or your own little coffee maker from home if the hotel-provided ones bother you. I like SassyinAK's suggestion, makes sense.

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