50+ empty jars

kudzukweenAugust 1, 2008

My sister bought me a box of these small canning jars at a yard sale. I made some labels for a few of them. My grandson filled one jar with kisses and another with hugs, and we quickly put lids on them before they could leak out :)Now we can get a hug or a kiss from him even when he's not here! I made a few other labels that say "snips" "snails" "puppy dog tails"..and of course "hugs" and "kisses". I used a different font for each,but the same silver discs and paper and color ink. Will make another set for my other grandson, and one for my granddaughter that will be "sugar" "spice" "everything nice"...loved this quick project! The silver discs came from Dollar General from the frames and crafts section, had puffy plastic words on them that I pulled off and stuck my own typed words onto. I'll still have a lot of these jars leftover...maybe I should make a spice-rack type holder for some more empty ones with labels on them...hope you can see, had to use cell phone to take pics

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How cute. You are a clever lady. Lynn

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They would make great gifts at Christmas filled with peppermint candy ... or miniature marshmallows... spiced tea...especially with your creative labels and add some festive ribbon. Great find from your sis'. Jeanne S.

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I like them!! Easy project too.

You could also use them in the bathroom with bath salts and handmade lotions.

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Those are really cute.

They can even be used as place settings or even hostess gifts.

Pearls of Wisdoms jars!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pearls of wisdom

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Here's another style

Here is a link that might be useful: Cute decorated hostess/place jar

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njtomboy...that's just the cutest thing! how funny that I collect pearl necklaces from thrift stores and yard sales,too, so I have a lot of pearls and pearl beads :) both of those are really great and something I could make..thank you so much for sharing.
these are all excellent ideas, I've made lots of bath salts in the past,soaps,bath fizzies,etc. and these would be perfect for bath salts, thank you so much Lydia:) Thank you Lynn:) Thank you Jeanne:)
I helped my grandson paint some broken pine cone pieces with green glitter glue, we put some in a jar and called them dragon scales. The pine cones are cinnamon scented so that's a bonus:)

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You'll have a lot of fun using these. I had a similiar jar & for my sister/BIL's 25th anniver. I put in blue tissue paper (both like blue), unrolled quarters, dimes, nickels & poured into the jar. (it WAS a silver anniv, after all :-)
There were none others like it at the reception !!!

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I was thinking the Christmas idea as well Jeanne, and filled with all the goodies mentioned, what a great gift.
Gotta start thinking Christmas around here early!
Very clever and soo charming!

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You are SO welcome!!! Be sure to post pics of your newly inspired creations!!! LOL

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Another idea is to put an inch or so of beach sand, a few shells and a votive candle in it.

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