Covered picture frame

sudiepavAugust 29, 2005

I made the coolest thing for my son's birthday. It was so easy that my 2 yr o GD helped! When my son was in high school, he had a favorite shirt that I finally had to hide so he'd quit wearing it because it was in tatters. I tried to buy a replacement but never found anything close. I've saved it all these years (he'll be 30 in October) and I got a terrific idea from a friend who did this with her dad's old shirt. I got a 16 x 20 unfinished picture frame, then cut the shirt in strips about 3-4" wide. I started winding them around the frame, not pulling too tight, so that I could fit a piece of glass into the groove on the back. I tucked them into each other, stapling on the back in a few places (that's what Sarah helped with). I was sure to use the front placket with the buttons, the pocket, the collar. I am going to put glass in it(I had a piece cut at Hobby Lobby; they were a little taken aback but did it anyhow.) I cut a mat and put in a picture of him in his high school baseball uniform. He's seen the frame my friend Barbara has and thought it so neat, but I think I'll get serious eye-rolling from my DIL the interior designer. All of you on the Gulf please keep safe.

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Sounds nice - got a picture?

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Ahhh,Techsupport...I need you to visit! I have a digital camera, and my goal this summer was to learn to post pix. I need to master that...don't even know how to get the Memory card(?) to the computer. My son can help...just need to pin him down. I promise to learn soon and get some pictures of this (and many other) projects. Thx

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