Greyhound Buses?

lydia1959October 13, 2002

Does anyone have any experience with Greyhound buses? I am wondering how the comfort is for a long (25 hour) ride? Any tips, suggestions?

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After I posted this question, I did a search on google and found LOTS of reviews. Most claimed a ride on Greyhound as one of their worst experiences with complaints of speeding busdrivers, the entire bus smelling like the restroom, cramped seating and aisles, long waits at stops and frequent delays. There were absolutly frightening stories about drug addicts and other shady characters harassing the other passengers. It sounded like a inexpensive solution to a trip I need to make, but after reading paragraph after paragraph of the horrors of Greyhound ~ I think I will leave the driving up to someone else.

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You can probably do a "priceline" thing for airline tickets cheaper than the bus trip anyway.

Or the other possibility is to try Amtrak.

Greyhound has some serious problems they need to address. No way I would even think about that mode of transportation.

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