Cruise to Halifax, Nova Scotia & St.John, NB (Canada)

DAVCOctober 4, 2002

Planning a Cruise for July 2003 with a bunch of friends. Were looking into possibly cruising to Canada - Carnival has a 5-day cruise out of NYC to Halifax, Nova Scotia & St.John, New Brunswick. Can anyone tell me - What is there to do (shore excursions) in these towns? I checked online and find a lot of historical tours, etc. Want to know if there is anything more outdoorsy, adventurous to do there.

Also - anyone know the weather there in July?


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Hi there,
As someone from Halifax and living in Saint John for the past 13 years, I can tell you that cruising to these two port cities would be a fantastic trip! I have met and chatted with many Americans in the past few years who were on cruises from the US and all of them mention that they love the area, the people, the shopping and the exchange on your dollar!!!!
Like other Maritime and Atlantic provinces, the summer is really quite similar to your in NYC, i.e., an average temp of about 25-30 C or 80-90 F in July and August........there are a lot of specific tours and activities that I can suggest, feel free to contact me directly.....

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DAVC-As a "Mainer" who travels to NB and PEI as often as possible, let me just say this: you're in for the treat of a lifetime! We absolutely love Canadians. You won't find more likeable and kind people anywhere on this earth. If you do nothing more than revel in their hospitality, you'll be 100% richer for the experience. Enjoy!

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We did the same cruise in mid July of 2000. Flukey weather and only 60 degrees. Seas rough and they did not fill the pools and we never wore our bathing suits. Tons of kids in the hot tubs.
Halifax is beautiful and we toured on our own by taking a taxi to the Citadel. Walked down thru town and had a nice outdoor lunch. Walked back to the ship along the water.
Not too much at all to do in St. John. Good old fashioned steamed seafood to order restaurant right at the dock.
An ok trip and we loved the cruise experience but next time we will go south.

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you will have a blast.really friendly people,beautiful scenery,great resturaunts,and if you like to party so do they.I would say this would be an excelent choice.go for it

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