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mdmomSeptember 30, 2002

Does anyone have an opinion or any experience with Beaches in Turks and Caicos? We're planning a family vacation there - 2kids ages 12 and 9.

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Are you talking about a resort known as Beaches, or the beaches in general?....If a resort, I'm sure they have trained their staff to attend to your needs. If about the beaches, and the island in general, Yes, I have a definite opinion...and the tourism board of T&C won't like it.

We had a scuba diving vacation there. The people were very unfriendly. Snobbish. Wait persons could care less if you sat for 15 minutes in their presence for your morning coffee. Smiles would fracture their stone faces. Never a pleasantry uttered.

I'm a well-travelled person, and as a whole, the people of T&C are the least friendly I've ever encountered. Now, I was told this beforehand, and thought to myself, this can't be true, being a people person, and usually very Will Rogers like ("I never met a man I didn't like..."). But it was true.

The diving was spectacular. We (DH and me) decided that when we go back for the great diving, we will do a "live-aboard" dive boat experience, and not bother with the locals again.

Now, the people on the island of SABA, N.A. are wonderful, charming, and friendly.

Unless your kids snorkel and love it, there will not be much to do, unless "Beaches" provides it. Sorry, I know this is not what you want to hear.

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Well I was at Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos last year had had a awesome trip. There is so many things for the kids to do. Sure there were some locals that were not "that" friendly but on average most were. Anywhere you go you are going to encounter different types of people. Some nice, some not so nice. I have also traveled to many places and Turks is on my top 10 list. Here is a link to a good message group for Turks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Turks & Caicos

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