Info wanted re the little islands off of Puerto Rico

sandyinvaSeptember 17, 2006

We are thinking about taking a quick trip for our anniversary. Someone suggested Puerto Rico b/c it is a quick direct flight, and to stay at one of the little islands. Has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance,


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i had a two week vacation in puerto rico and it was absolutely fantastic. traveled the entire island. the islands you speak of are culebra and viacez (sp?) culebra is a great place it has a beach there, flaminco beach that is picturesque caribbean white sand clear water beach. The best part is its a national park so it has no ugly high rise hotels. it has a romantic little hotel off to the side with great service beach side service too. if you like lazy days on the beach this is the spot for you, don't be afraid if you don't know spanish (though it helps) the people are very friendly. Its actually a national park, so you must be mindful of things like littering... don't forget your hamocks there are lots of coconut trees...

viacez is very nice too with nice beaches. mainland puerto rico has beautiful countryside, i traveled to every park area including el yunca (sp?) national park, the only tropical rain forest in the national park system, if you are able bodied and like hiking there are some fantastic views hidden streams flora/fauna to be seen... camping out in the rain forest was one of the best experiences i've ever had (no poisonous snakes on the island don't worry) nothing like picking your own mango's banana's and grapefruits for breakfast, i went in december and the hi's were around 85 low's around 65 at night, perfect...

check out the bioluminescent caves, the natural hot springs are great (city?) stayed in the national park in the mountains where you get incredibly deferent scenery. ricon on the west coast is a famous surfing town mentioned in a beach boys song... you can rent furnished apartments per day... you run into all kinds of international travelers too

oh don't forget to see aricebo observatory. i spent zero time in san juan (capitol) its pretty slummy from what i saw while traveling out of it. peurto rico is like its own continent. oh the beer there can only be sold in 10 oz cans, try the medallo! its great!

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