Problems with KA dishwasher KUDS30?

msl511May 19, 2013

I'm deciding between the KA KUDS30 and the KUDE48. Actually, in terms of features that I do and don't want, I prefer the 30. But I'm hesitating for two reasons. CR didn't love the 30 and definitely preferred the 48. Also, while there aren't all that many reviews out there for the 30, many of them are poor and there's a consistent problem with the upper rack. Now, I know enough not to put huge amounts of credence in what is a very small amount of reviews compared to the probably thousands of items that have been sold. But it's also been my experience that when many of the negative reviews focus on the same problem, there's probably something to pay attention to. I can hardly find any reviews for the 48, so it's hard to compare.

What I'm wondering is if any of you have any more specific knowledge about the upper rack problem. All anyone ever says is "upper rack" and I don't know if it's a problem with the rack itself, with the long metal glide or with the wheel mechanism that connects the two.

It matters because, as far as I can tell, the 30 and the 48 use the exact same rack, but different glides and wheel mechanisms.

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I read the same, and even though it was the DW that had everything I wanted, in the end I didn't get it because of the complaints about the rack, the control panel failing, and the inadvertent turning it on.

There was a Whirlpool model that also was well rated, but again, just enough complaints that I felt too unsure.

The one that I did get wasn't a CR recommended model either, but it was rated mid-upper, I saw few complaints, and it was over $200 less than the KA,, so I decided to take the chance.

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After much research we ended up with the KUDS30FXBL (hidden controls). We've had it for a couple of months now and I love it.

As far as I recall, the complaint about the rack is that the rollers break. So far so good here.

It is a tad hard to remove the top rack completely, though, if you want to do that. I call upon the engineer in the family for that.

My only complaint is that the silverware rack is too big and wastes space. It would be nice if it snapped apart so you could use all, or half of it, according to need.

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