huggybear sorry you were spammed!

sunnyca_gwAugust 8, 2009

I for 1 miss huggybear's great posts!! She had more to contribute than most!! Very creative lady!! So Please come back!! If you all want to show how much you care about her please add your 2 cents here!! If you aren't aware of all the great stuff she does than go through some of her posts on this forum & "Crafts & decorations" forum. We need the creative ladies to stay & make these forums fun!! Jan

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yes yes please don't go I love your work and ideas also!!!


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Huggybear, I may not come here often, but I recognize your name. Not sure just what happened, but I'm very sorry you feel as though you have to leave. I do hope you come back.

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Hope you come back huggy! I don't know what happened either, but it must have been a real pain!

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I recognize the name too . I don't know what happened , but don't let one incident drive you away . You are definately part of the "crafting family" here.

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