hubby wants to go on a cruise.......

jersey_ponderSeptember 3, 2002

ok heres the problem, my hubby wants so badly to go on a cruise and stay about 5 or so days, i don't fly, not because of 9/11 either, just never liked it. We live in Jersey and from what i see and hear they all leave from Florida. We cant drive there and back, not enough time. Is there any place that a cruise starts out at close by or not too far of a drive. I did get a brochure from AAA last month about one leaving from Maine and going to Nova Scotia for a few days. He says it wont be warm enough to swim and have the fun like on an island. Open for any suggestions here, thanks a lot.


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Show him the brocures and the cost of a cruise and the tipping they expect.He will chage his mind and you will not have to fly.My wife wanted to go on a cruise was unsure about flying it worked for her and I saved a bundle.

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hate to disagree with JohnDeere but a cruise is the most wonderful, fantastic, entertaining and economical vacation you can go on (for the amount of entertainment and type of food you get .... I'm not trying to compare a cruise to Motel 6 or camping!) If you figured out what the entertainment alone would cost that is included in your cruise cost you will find that you are getting a wonderful deal. It took me 17 years to convince my husband to go on a cruise and once he went I couldn't get him to consider another type of vacation! He would come home every year raving about what a good time we had and by the time we were planning the next years vacation he had a list of people that wanted to go with us!!!
Cruising isn't for everyone but you can't tell until you try it. There are cruises from Boston to Bermuda that might be what works best for you ... There are a lot of really good deals right now too so you will be able to find something that works for you. If you have any questions about cruises, please feel free to email me.
Have a great vacation wherever you go!

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This is not the best time of year to go on a cruise. You've got to be aware that it is hurricane season, so there is always the chance of bad weather.

Yes, there are some cruise that run out of some of the more northern ports. Although those cruises will typically not go all the way to cancun, St.Thomas-St.Croix and the like, unless they are longer than 7 days.

But, if you have never been on a cruise, you should definitely consider it. It's a really great way to sit back, relax and let the time go by.

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Jersey_ponder, are you planning on going during the winter months? Because if not, there are tons of cruises out of NY. I don't know when they stop leaving from NY, but its at least September or October. Also, there are some cruises out of Baltimore and that's not too far a drive. Depending on when you want to go, you should check out the cruiselines web sites. I wish I could go on a cruise now. I've done it once and LOVED it! Good luck.

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not sure where or when but if we do go it wont be soon, maybe after the new yr, depends on where we go and the weather where we are going. As you can see I know nothing about cruises, all I do know is he has been bugging me for years and says we're going within a yr or hes going my 22 yr old son said no way dad I'm going with you. food, women, snorkeling, lets leave Mom home. nice kid huh? he he
anyway, thanks all for the tips, I really would like to go, just not flying to get to the ship.

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Wow! I can't imagine never flying or taking a cruise!
Wait til next spring, bite the bullet, fly to Alaska and get a combo cruise and land tour! If you never do anything travel wise again, Alaska will burn into your memory for the rest of your life! Plus, it is in your own country!

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There are cruises that leave from New York and Virginia to the Caribbean. Check out or royal caribbean's web site. They list iteraries and prices. I've been wanting to go for years also...maybe one of these days. I don't care to fly either. I live in Alabama so I would either drive to Florida or New Orleans.

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There are cruises out of NY, Boston, New Orleans, Philly, Baltimore and many, many more port cities. The cruiselines were hurt badly after 9/11. People JUST did NOT want to fly. The cruiselines have responded. They have added so many new embarktaion ports.. at first, they thought it would be temorary, but the responce to these new ports have been great. Call a TA, ask lots of questions..tell her what you want.. how many days, inside/outside or balcony room, port intensive or mostly sea days. Cruising is only 10% of the travel market, but that 10% is repeaters. People love to cruise... once you do, you'll never want to vacation any other way. I'm about to go on my 7th cruise, in November. There are great prices on cruises, right now.
Good luck... you'll have a blast!

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FYI we went on our cruise in hurricane season. There is no reason not to, due to hurricanes or storms. The ships navigate around these, and if a port of call is affected, go to an alternate port of call.

There was actually a tropical storm in the carribean when we did our cruise. And we had no problems.

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For goodness sakes - a brochure price is something NO ONE ever pays unless somebody rips them off! Get in the know by visiting a couple of the cruise lines' websites online. What you'll pay is usually around 50 to 60% of what the so-called list (or brochure) price is. Holland America's website is particularly easy to work with and their prices always include the entire cost (port fees, etc.)

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I'm really glad that you had "no problems" when there was a tropical storm while you were on your cruise. But the fact is that typically during the hurricane season, the ships cannot simply navigate around these storms and simply go to "alternate ports" at will. Many, many times, the cruises will have you in for the ride of your life during these times. And no, you will not get a rebate if you are caught in one of these situations.

Nothing personal, but through experience I can say that you are most assuredly incorrect in your statement.

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I've been on several cruises, and I think it's by far the best bang for the buck. I love crusing, and would go anytime someone suggests it! Since I live in New Orleans, it's easy to get on the ship. However, I've also flown to Florida and gone on a couple of cruises from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

My favorite cruise was with my two sisters. We flew from N.O. to San Juan, PR, and boarded the ship there. Went to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, and also had two half-days in San Juan. Wonderful!

I think if anyone goes on one cruise, they will want to cruise again, and again. There's always so much to do - and everything's included in the price - EXCEPT Cokes and liquor - and the tips, which I think are fair. (If you were in a restaurant and had to tip for every meal, you'd shell out a lot more.)

I have been on 5 Carnival cruises - and after the first cruise was booked thru a travel agent, I've gone directly thru You simply give your phone number (IF you want them to call you), and they've always called me within an hour. They're great to work with, can answer ALL your questions, set up the vacation as you want it, with no problem.

Go for it! Go on your cruise, and then come back and tell us how much you LOVE crusing!

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You can leave right from NYC and get to Bermuda or Nova Scotia/Canada. I look out my window daily this time of year (well, from I think May till the end of October) and see the cruise ships go by on the Hudson River. Check the cruiseline web sites (carnival, norweigan, royal caribbean, princess, etc.) and look for cruises leaving from NYC... no flying involved.

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I went on a carnival cruise and I did not enjoy it. The whole time we were gone, I felt like I was being marketed to to spend more money. The shore excursions were overpriced and I could have done better by finding something off the ship after we were in port. Cruises are for party people who enjoy shopping, crowds, getting dressed up for dinner (at the specified time). I enjoy nature and peaceful walks -- not what a cruise is about.

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It is true that cruises are not for everyone.

pal98, apparently likes going for long nature walks. Well you're definitely not going to find that on a cruise ship!

Nothing wrong with taking a vacation that involves communing with nature. Actually is something we tend to need now and then. Just sit around and watch the world go past?

Have been on more "nature" type of vacations than cruises myself.

That said, the cruises that I have been on, have all been with Carnival Lines. Always had fun, gambled a bit, played tourist a bit, saw the ship board shows and gained my fair share of pounds from the wonderful food.

Yes, you are "pitched" at every possible moment, although I didn't consider it a big problem.

My only "bad", (as MsMagnolia pointed out) is the fact that if you want something other than coffee or water at times other than the meals, you'll be out of pocket to the tune of $3.50 for a coke (not gonna happen).

No cokes or iced tea available for we non coffee drinkers, unless we wanted to pay for something? NOT FAIR! I DOTH PROTEST.

First cruise I actually went ashore at the first port of call, bought a small cooler and several six packs of my favorite. Problem solved.

Second cruise, planned ahead for this issue.

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50 TO 60 percent lower then the brocure is still a rip off.$3.50 for a coke I would take a cooler.

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Cruises leave from New York to Bermuda and beyond in the Caribbean. Look up the cruise websites, plus, and have all of the published cruises, and reasonably priced. Just type in your embarkation/debarkation ports and there you go! Cruises are absolutely the best value. Avoid Carnival, they're geared toward the young budget-minded crowd anyways. Go through a travel agent and call around to compare with other travel agents for the same cruise. No one pays brochure prices, ever, and if so, they've paid far too much. Cruises are a very affordable way to enjoy a vacation. Enjoy.

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Jersey Ponder - since the basic problem you have is with the flying portion of vacation, why not take a course on how to get over your "fear" of flying? Think of how this will open up all sorts of opportunities to see the world. I would hate to be limited to seeing places that I could only get to by car or boat. I imagine your husband would be thrilled beyond believe that you did this just for him.

Have fun wherever you go...jerri

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Our entire family is going on a cruise in March to Cozumel and we are leaving out of Tampa. I've heard the price of drinks is outrageous, so how does the cooler work? Can we bring one on board the ship with beers/wine, ice tea, etc?
Any advice is really appreciated!


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I have been on several cruises, my last Oct 02 was 11-night to Eastern Carribean, and I will go on as many more as I can find the time and money to go. There are activites to do if you want, lounging/resting if you want, excursions you can sign up for thru the ship or do your own, whatever you want to do. As far as the drinks, all alcohol is a separate charge which should be expected. However, soda/coffee is included and every ship I've been on has many cafe's, dining rooms, buffets that are open at some time or another nearly 24 hours a day. Coolers are not allowed to be brought on board but either your room will have a small refrigerator or you will have an ice bucket that the room steward will keep full. DON'T drink the soda that is in your cabin - the charge for that is $3.50 a can. If you are not flying, bring a 12pk in your suitcase. On my last cruise, the first after 9/11, any bag/pocketbook/tote was scanned thru a metal detector when you returned to the ship. Now, if you brought a pack of soda with you back to the ship, would they let you bring it on? I don't know, didn't try it.
The rules can be different according to the cruise line you are sailing on. Tipping, dining times, entertainment, activities and changing all the time becaused the consumers request it. There are cruises for adults only, free style cruises where there is no defined dining time and the tips are included in your price, single cruises, etc. Talk to friends, coworkers, anyone who has cruised and they will give you hints and tips of what to expect and what to avoid.
Carnival is for the younger set, not for me. Celebrity has upscale dining (quiet, elegant, gourmet), Royal Carribean has theme nights (American, Italian,etc, waiters parade and sing, more FUN than Celebrity, but food is excellent), top notch entertainment in theatre. Check with travel agents about other lines and what they have to offer.
Personally, I love crusing. I would like to spend more time in port so I can explore but then again, that gives me an excuse to take another cruise.
If you are still unsure, just take a 5 day cruise for your first. However, you will spend the first day getting to the departure destination checking in and leaving port and the last day you will probably arrive back home @ 8am and spend the rest of that day getting home, so that only leaves 3 days to go somewhere/see something/relax but it will give you a general idea of cruising.
Good luck and maybe I'll see you on a ship sometme. I'll be the one with the big smile on my face.

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