?? for slow on tile lab

anneinva_2009April 20, 2010

when you use the glossy tile lab sealer, do you just spread it on and leave it there?

i used the non glossy because it said for exterior and just painted it on. does the glossy look better?

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Much better. I just want the grout to be glossy - not flat. One of my first inside projects, I wanted glossy grout, and used polyurethene. NOT - it just doesn't work. On humid days, it w/turn white. I scrubbed it as best I could to get it off. LOVE Tile Lab gloss - not TOO glossy - just right. I brush it on and leave it. It doesn't show up on anything but the mirror, and I use lots of mirror. It sorta makes the mirror tiles look like it's under water. If I were not so lazy, I could steel wool it off.

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Have you ever used it in an application where it was submerged in water all the time like a birdbath or a fountain? I need a sealer for that and I am afraid it will turn milky...

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Hi, WACKY. I didn't seal the sink I made into a water feature or the birdbath, and they hold water. Like I say, I only use the sealer to make the grout prettier. IMO, if you use cement-based adhesive, you don't need to seal it. It is not a water proofer. Sealer - to me - is to prevent staining. For example, I read on the lable of the bottle, when I was sealing my kitchen counter/backsplash, to seal once a year to prevent stains on the grout. No way am I doing that. My grout is white, and I just spritz it often w/bleach and wash off. Helps keep down germs too.

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