Spring break vacation Ideas

good36September 2, 2002

We would like a place where it is warm, things to do and see, amusment parks, tourist type place. How far south do we need to go and where. I do not want Florida or South Carolina. We have done those already. Thanks in Advance


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How about New Orleans? Great fun, lots to do, quite warm.

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How far south you need to go would depend on how far north you are LOL. As for good amusement parks Cedar Point in Ohio is my great. Actually there is a lot to do in Ohio. If you really like amusement parks you could also hit Kings Island and Six Flags. You'll need to check and see when these parks open up for the season. I think most spring breaks might be too early for Cedar Point, but I don't know about the other 2 parks.

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how about king's dominion in VA? thats a good place, not sure where you are though.

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Colonial Williamsburg - Six Flags is 15 minutes away from C.W. - also historic Yorktown and Jamestown Settlement are nearby. You can purchase lodging packages that include passes to all three sites - there are more things to see than you could possibly do in a week.

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Ohio is not only not warm during spring break...it's usually quite COLD. Cedar Point isn't open yet. They usually open on a limited basis the first week of May.

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