I've been dumpster diving

secondlouiseApril 13, 2010

A neighbor is remodeling. I found 2 windows, double paned, single sheet 24'X 48". When I saw it I thought table. I haven't even learned how to mosaic yet and already I am scrounging. There are also pieces of sheet rock in there. Can they be used for anything related to mosaic work?

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It's a sickness and you have got it Louise...it's incurable, hopeless...you won't get over it so just embrace it...just think when you do start banging plates and such and stress that you might have built up will suddenly be released!!! Not so sure about the sheet rock for a substrate...it might work if it were covered with thinset though...good luck and show pics...

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Good find!!! I wouldn't think sheet rock would work. When it gets wet, it falls apart...and won't support it enough. Your best bet is cement board. If you have a Lowe's or HD, they'll cut to size for you.

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Ohhhh, glass on glass....my fav projects!!!!heh heh! I'm just finishing off a window and have 2 more waiting....Heaven!!!ha!

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Yep, I'd recognize that sickness anywhere and you've got it. It gets in your blood and before you know it you are dreaming in your sleep about your next project...lol. Congratulations on your find! Can't beat FREE!


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Hot diggedy dawg! Another one bit the dust. We LOVE seeing posts like yours, SEC. First, I was thinking back on EMT's Golden Gate, I forgot to answer your question re favorite books. My favorite is "Mosaics - Inspiration and Original Projects for Interiors and Exteriors" by Kaffe Fassett and Candace Bahouth. I bought it several years ago, and several since as gifts, from Amazon.com. Second, if you want to use the sheet rock for a substrate for wall art, I'd think it would work. Why not? It doesn't bend, flex etc., so of course, I'd use it. I found a piece in my garage yesterday while I was digging for something else, and I pulled it out for a project. That is, if I EVER get caught up on spring gardening/planting. I've even seen mosaic artists use framed canvases for substrates. However, they were ungrouted. Like CALAM said - anything that's not running around - just use your imagination. Yep - you're gonna lose some sleep. Welcome to our disease.

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