Permission Letter for Gr. to take Baby on trip: U.S./Canada?

LifeIsSweetSeptember 20, 2002

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My husband and I are letting my mother take our daughter on a trip to Canada to visit my dh's relatives there, while WE go on our anniversary trip. She'll have her birth certificate, but I believe we must also write a letter of permission... What should it say? Informal? Notarized? (Our daughter just turned one - she wouldn't be able to be questioned at the check-gates. They are flying.) Thanks for helping me. ~ Holly

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Yes, you should have a letter giving permission for your daughter to leave the country with your mother--include your mom's name in the letter. Notarized wouldn't hurt. The birth certificate should be the original. We also make sure we have a few family photos along that include the relevant people--it's not official, but it does help if there are questions. Have a great time!

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My husband and I have taken our God-daughter with us on 4 vacations, 2 in the U.S. and 2 to foreign countries. You want to write a letter expressing that both parents (and give your names) give full consent for your daughter (give her full birth certificate name and her age) to travel with her maternal grandmother (give her full name) to and from (destination) and any areas that this vacation may need to take them. You also want to include that in the event of an emergency that both parents are giving her grandmother full authority to make any medical decisions for your child. You need to also include how you can be contacted if the grandmother becomes incapacitated (include a copy of your itinerary with dates you will be there, hotels and phone numbers). If your daughter has any known medical problems or allergies to medications include this also in the letter.
With this information included, verification can be made if there is ever any question. The letter does not need to be notorized. Do NOT take any original documentation of a birth certificate. Take only a copy, if it is lost, you will have nothing to send to replace it.
Giving your mother this opportunity to take your child with her will be something she will cherish and remember the rest of her life.

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I admit, I didn't like the idea at first - my BABY! But hearing your own experience makes me feel a lot better. Thank you. That's a lot of good advice. I guess I 'll call someone (?) to see if the copied birth certificate would be okay... I hope it is. We happen to have a friend of the family who can notarize the letter easily for us. And you're right, my mother is VERY excited, and so is dh's mother, who hasn't seen her new grandaughter yet! ~ Holly

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If your grandchildren spend a few weeks with you in the states, you need a notorized letter giving your permission to make decisions for the child and medical insurance information. I kept mine for 4 weeks, their parents 1 state away and was very glad to have it. I think my doctor would have treated her anyway, but they don't like to do that. The parents sent her to me with a broken arm.

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