International cell phone?

aceySeptember 24, 2002

I am a USA resident who will be visiting France. I need to get one of those cell phones specifically so that people here in the USA can reach me over there. My house will be on the market, and I need to be able to receive a call, if I'm lucky enough to find a buyer with an offer while I'm gone!

Please advise of any phone services you have used in such a similar situation. I'm not exactly sure how to locate one on the internet...they have plenty of calling cards for me to use to call out, but I am more in need of a way to have people in the states reach me in France.

Many thanks.

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ATT has an option to get international service. You need a special phone (which is expensive) and the fees are outrageous. Check their website.

Also Verizon (I think) has this option. Check all cell phone service provider.

If you have a contact person in France see if you can buy a perpaid cell phone in France. That is usually the cheaper way. You buy a phone with a pre-charged card in it. This should not be more than $150. I am not sure about France, but in Germany you don't have to pay if you get an incoming call (even if international) - unlike if you buy a phone in the US and use a US service provider.

Good Luck.

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A calling card from Costco, will usually work all over the world, Except this last time in China would not work but the internet did. You might use the internet. It worked for my husband. He used his Earthlink mail address.

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Hope the Link below gives you some good Info.Don't forget it will be 6 hours later on the East Coast than in France.So while you are sleeping in France you can get a Offer for your Place and when you are awake to make a counter offer the US is asleep.

Here is a link that might be useful: calling tips

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I had Nextel I-2000 phone and it worked just fine in France Swiss, etc. Prices are reasonable form $1-2 per minute.

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Instead of the big companies like Verizon and T Mobile we were advised to look into the smaller companies who specialize in international cell phones.

I looked into cell hire and Mobal ( and my favourite was Mobal becuase you buy the phone for $49 and you just keep it for life. You only pay for what you use and there's no monthly charge so it's easy. Although call rates are a little high for some countries, I don't mind paying exstra for the convenience.


John H

Here's the link to Mobal:
Mobal International Cell Phones
Link to Cell Hire:

Here is a link that might be useful: International Cell Phone

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