Brooklyn Galley Kitchen Finished (not white!)

alvmusickMay 12, 2012

Although I am not a frequent GW poster, I referred to GW throughout my kitchen renovation planning. It was thanks to GW that I have the countertop and knobs/pulls that I envisioned but thought I would never have: THANK YOU! We are absolutely loving every inch of our new kitchen! I wish we had professional photos, but alas, these will have to do.

Before: One wall of cabs and appliances (everything was falling apart) left from the prior owner and one wall of IKEA shelves/storage/counter that I designed and lived with for 4 years as we saved for our renovation. Although I liked the accessibility of the open design on the IKEA wall (and I loved the SimpleHuman trash can and recycling can), the cleaning was difficult (thankfully, my brother-in-law doesn�t mind the cleaning and that entire wall is now in his new apartment). I also had very little counter space with this old plan. I vowed that my new kitchen would have very little open wall space and next to nothing on the counters. We would also have efficient appliances (including a DW � after 12 years of hand washing) that didn�t need to be velcroed together.

After: HOORAY!

42" wall cabs: right to the ceiling; the extra space and the look are just what we wanted

I put an open shelf next to the window to keep my fruit (bottom shelves) & garlic, onions (top shelves) off the counter and to let in more light from our awkward window.

All drawer base cabs except for 30" sink, 15" trash & 9" pantry: drawers rock and have changed my life for the better. Love the pegs and double-stacked utensil storage.

Trash/Recycling: I finally figured out how to get 4 separate spaces. I had my husband cut one of the pull-out cans to fit my compost pail; one of favorite elements. Under the sink is glass/plastic on the left, paper on the right.

Spice drawer: I like my spices are right in front of me (literally) as I chop and prep. In my old kitchen, they took up counter space and were hard to clean.

Tall/Skinny Fridge: everyone should have one. It�s only been a week, but I can�t seem to fill it! I love that I can see everything.

Tall/Skinny pantry: I opted for this instead of a larger fridge. Love the storage and ease of accessibility. Still have yet to fill it.

Range/Skinny spice drawers: I am a huge Berta Fan! The spice drawers are skinny and long: perfect for cooking utensils, knife sharpeners, grill supplies, etc.

18" DW/Deep Sink/Pull-out Faucet/Sink Storage Tilt: 18" is perfect for our family of three. The sink/faucet/tilt storage: highly recommend.

Green: a color that we love and have all over our home. The pictures don�t do the colors justice (especially the counter which looks rather greyish in these photos). And in case you�re wondering, the textured porcelain tile floor feels amazing � not like other hard/cold tile that I have read about on GW (apologies for the renovation dust that is still on the floor).


Size: 8.75� long x 6.75� wide x 8� high

Design: me (inspired by the slate fish etchings mounted on tent stakes, by the fridge, that my husband made in a printmaking class before I met him)

Timeframe: Due to a cracked cabinet (which Kraftmaid replaced � no questions asked � very easy to work with), our 3-week renovation turned into 5 weeks, but well worth it. Our contractor was amazing. The only structural change we made was to the kitchen entryway.

Cabinets: Kraftmaid � Maple � Hayward style, Honey Spice stain

Countertop: Rosemary Caesarstone (see my other GW post on this topic � thanks to GW I was able to find this recently discontinued stone)

Range: 30" SS Bertazzoni Professional Series X304GGVX

Refrigerator: 24" (80" height) SS Liebherr CS1311

Dishwasher: 18" SS Bosch SPX5ES55UC

OTR Microwave: 30" SS LG LMV2015ST

Floor: Daltile Continental Slate (porcelain tile) � Brazilian Green

Tile: American Olean - Legacy Glass � Celedon (ordered from Artwalk Tile � GW tip � thank you!)

Knobs & Pulls: Satin Nickel � 1" diameter knobs (K-12), 4" pulls (BN-3) - Horton Brasses (another GW tip � thank you!)

Sink: 23"SS Elkay Lustertone ELU2115

Faucet: SS Grohe Concetto Pull-Down 32 665

Track Light: Satin Nickel - Eurofase TK-5VTX3-34 Vortex 5-Light

UC Lighting: Super Bright LED strips

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Wow what a difference! It's amazing how efficient your small space is now. Love the countertop and backsplash color. It makes the room look fresh and spring like. Congratulations on a job well done.

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I'm so happy for you! This looks great! So much better for you! Congrats!

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Wow... Amazing transformation and I love how functional it is, even if it is as small galley kitchen! Also love the doorway shaped to the cabinets! Beautiful!

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I actually said "Wow!" out loud when I scrolled down to the finished kitchen photos- beautiful job! I love the green glow of the backsplash in the light. The open end shelf by the window is brilliant. Thanks for showing how you use the storage. I'm still in the planning stages and always appreciate that.

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Wow, as a fellow lurker with a space-constrained galley kitchen I just want to thank you so much for posting - your new kitchen looks fabulous and it's so good to see how much you can do with a small kitchen (and how much you can fit in yours!) Congratulations - it's lovely.

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I love it! I'm glad you got the rosemary counters. They were worth searching for.

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Wow! I have a galley too, and I know what it's like to want to have all your stuff put out of the way. You need that space for prep/plating!! I love your ikea wall, but I totally agree that there was too much visual clutter there for such a small space.

Your kitchen looks fantastic!

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Love the green. Congratulations on a great borough kitchen. I love all your choices.

I am interested on why the fish etchings are on tent spikes! And I think it is terribly sweet that you still have your plate!

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Beautiful! Love that Rosemary - it was worth hunting down!

Love that Berta too - I've had one in my garage for weeks and weeks and can't wait to get her all hooked up.

Great use of space and everything is organized so well. Kudos!

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Green is my favorite color also and this is stunning. My daughter has a small galley kitchen very similar to yours. You have given me a great inspiration for a kitchen for her. How big is your space? I saw that fridge in the store when we bought our cooktop and just love it.

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I don't know how you like small galley kitchens, but I think they have a charm and functionality all their own especially when well structured and organized - and that's what you've brought to your lovely space. (The older I get, the more I'm liking smaller spaces, so your kitchen is very inspiring to me!)


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I love you kitchen. Oh my gosh what a change you have. I have different color greens in my house and I like your choices put together. It looks so clean and modern. I like the shelves by the window. And well everything you did. Looks great.

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Beautiful! The green and the cabinets are gorgeous and it looks like you have done an amazing job of maximizing use of the space.

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YUM! Love this kitchen! It looks like a great place to work and you've done a wonderful job with finishes. I love the Rosemary and I'm so sad they discontinued it, very glad you found enough. Nice!!! Have you seen Calypsochick's kitchen?

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I love it so much! It looks very European (like when I see the modern apartment kitchens on House Hunters Intl). Love your skinny fridge, what beautiful handles it has. Also love the arch enlargement; it opens things up so much and I'm sure lets more light into the rest of your place. Just stunning, what superb planning and execution!

Oh, but I also loved your IKEA shelving in the first pic. You truly were very organized beforehand!

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Wow. That is amazing! The attention to details is fantastic. How did you come up with all the interesting features like the strategic pullouts, shelving, and drawers? Was it a designer at the cabinet place, the catalogue of options, or your own ingenuity? I'm hoping for a similar shift in functionality.

I'm in the planning stage at the moment. Can you comment a little on what you like about the almost all drawer base configuration? I'm also looking at Kraftmaid cabinets - so glad to hear you love yours!

And now I want a tile backsplash again! It looks so fantastic with the new look.

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What a joy this must be!
Talk about a magazine reno.
You've done a fantastic job, not only in the finishes, but in practicality. You've optimized every single inch of space.

I love it.
Just beautiful.

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you sure did merge form with function. It's beautiful! the shelves by the window is a great idea - not blocking the light. opening the doorway makes such a world of difference also. but then, everything does in it. What a magnificent change - bet it's pure pleasure to cook in there now.

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Talk about maximizing functionality and using every available square inch!! Amazing how you accomplished all this and made the space so light and inviting, too! I love the way the finish on your cabinets, the rosemary quartz, and your BS work together! And I'm drooling over your Berta and Liebherr! Also love your pantry cab and those cute little rounded shelves--okay, so I love it all! Oh, and your lighting, too. Enjoy!

One quick question, how wide is your pantry pullout?

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Love your galley kitchen. They are such an efficient layout for one person, and yours completely maximizes your space. Your room seems light and friendly and you made the window seem like it was an intentional choice with those shelves as you did.

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Great transformation and very clever use of looks like you have a place for everything you need!!! Love the color choices too!! And I see you have a Bertazzoni! Do you like it? We went for the 6 burner cooktop and can't wait to start using it!!!

Enjoy for many years to come!!

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Congratulations on a great job! As a person who hates visual clutter, I can only imagine how wonderful this is for you. What I love about it, aside from the clean lines, the color scheme and finish choices, is how SMART you made the space. No element is wasted, every inch of the cabinetry is functional and earns its keep. Love the Bert and the Tall and Skinny. Thanks for showing interior photos, too. It helps to get a sense of how you managed the space limitation (Or, quite frankly, took the "limitation" off the table!)

A big, airy kitchen can be a beautiful thing. But a clever kitchen is a true joy!

Thanks for the photos!


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Joyful was the first word that came to mind when I saw your after pics. Hope your new kitchen is filled with joy day in and day out!!!

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Thanks everyone for your kind words!

onedogedie: my husband and I operate a summer camp in the Adirondack Mountais and just happened to have tent stakes out when we were contemplating the fish etchings. We didn�t want to drill holes in them, nor did a traditional frame see right, so we played around with the tent stakes and some wire and loved the look. Reminds us of the woods and trails while we enjoy the joys of urban living. And yes, the plate I made in the 1980�s: it�s the only plate my toddler will use!

denali_2007: it looks like my apostrophes were messed up in the post. The kitchen is 8.75 feet long x 6.75 feet wide x 8 feet high

williamsem: I designed the kitchen myself � our budget did not allow for a KD and I love the design phase! I spent countless hours researching every little detail on GW and other sites like Apartment Therapy and Houzz. I loved looking at other kitchens and especially loved the posts on details � like insides of drawers, pantries, cabinets, pull-outs, knobs/pulls, etc. I took a detailed inventory of what I had in the kitchen, then tried to find a home for EVERYTHING. I also am a fan of Container Store and IKEA storage options and spent lots of time designing the inside of my drawers and cabinets. There are a bunch of GW posts on drawers and they really influenced my decision to do all drawers and I am so happy I did. As you can see in the photos, I opted for 2, 18 inch 4 drawer based units, and one, 33 inch 3 drawer base unit. I was worried a bit because the drawers don�t line up perfectly (custom would allow for this, not Kraftmaid) but now I don�t even notice and love the fact that all my items fit and have a home. I will try to take more photos of my drawers to share.

flwrs_n_co: my pantry pull-out is a slim 9 inches: just wide enough for a large can of tomatoes and/or maple syrup. I opted for a pantry vs wider fridge because we shop often and don�t store a lot in our fridge and freezer. I do however, love a stocked pantry and like that I can see everything.

clarygrace: I am so happy with my Berta. On GW and other sites, there are mixed reviews: I went with my gut and am so happy I did! I didn�t want anything with a screen on it or electrical buttons (that�s on the microwave). Wolf and Viking were out of our budget range: when I saw the Berta (and the price that was within our budget), it was love at first site: it also has the measurements and options I wanted!

FYI - I bought all the appliances through AJ Madison. Tip if you are in the NYC area: go to the showroom to see everything in person and work with a salesperson! We saved a considerable amount by going through a salesperson vs ordering on-line.

Thanks again!

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Gorgeous transformation! I love how well planned everything is. It's such an efficient space now, and I love the green! The tiles are so pretty! It looks like such a happy place to work. Enjoy your new space!

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Love it, very well done!

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What a happy, cohesive, smart, functional kitchen! The green is great and I bet your moral in that room is wonderful. Good plan, good thinking, good work. This is one for the textbooks and the design classes.

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Beautiful! I love the transformation. The cabs are perfect along with all the finishes. The backsplash just makes me smile! Love it!

Also, love the plate that little hands made. Each of my kids made one for me while in first or second grad for Mother's Day. I treasure each of them and plan to display them in the new house - even though they are adults with their own kids!

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beautiful kitchen! i love your counters, so sad to hear it is discontinued. all of your colors go really well together.

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My eyes popped wide open when I saw this last night. I keep looking at it to absorb the wonderfully done change. "Just simplify" played harmoniously throughout. Ah Brooklyn, you show yourself well.

I like it all, down to the detail of the sleek Eurofase track lighting. A perfect fit to complete the look.


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re my comment above, make that "morale"--your morals are another matter all together, but I'm sure also laudable ... :-)

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Wow, jaw-droppingly amazing improvement, you must be over the moon. It is absolutely beautiful!!

The cabs, backsplash, and counters are gorgeous, and you have made such ingenious use of the space with so many great space saving features.

Btw, we too put in textured porcelain floors (after having hardwood in our two previous kitchens and realizing it just wasn't pooch-friendly enough for us). We love the textured porcelain too and don't find it at all cold either. Best change we ever made.

Congrats on your wonderful transformation, you did a fabulous job!

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Just beautiful, the colors are so serene, it makes the small space feel like a luxury itself.

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My first response was also WOW! You must be so happy with your new functional space~loved your Ikea wall but the transformation you pulled off took your space to an entirely different level~kind of like your kitchen went from a gangly adolescent to a mature, sophisticated
adult! The cut outs pull the light into the dinning area and those greens, coupled with the wood tones and flooring give the space a warm, organic feel. So happy for you!

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I'm late to the party, but you did a wonderful job. I bet you could be a kitchen designer if you want to.

So many times, I find myself swooning over a beautiful kitchen in a magazine but then I stop and think to myself, "Well, if I had a huge room for a kitchen and could spend $100,000s, then sure I'd have a beautiful kitchen, too!" You took a small space and ended up with a beautiful space without going over the top. Now that's a real challenge and you did a great job.

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Well put, Polie.

Regarding the appliances: I thought I got a great deal on my hood going online at AJ Madison. Amazing that they cut the prices even more.

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Wow - I am really impressed with your small, but lovely and highly functional kitchen. I love the green glass tile, the slender fridge and the small DW and sink. Way to make the most of your space and make it work for you.

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It looks serene. And your organization and storage is excellent --- I think it must make all the difference in the world to have such a well designed space for someone who clearly likes to cook. Worth whatever resources it took! Enjoy it.

I am dying to know how you use cod liver oil ... : )

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You sound possitively giddy and, after looking at your fabulous kitchen, I can see why! You made such great use of your space and it looks so cool and clean and just gorgeous. Great job!

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Amazing change. I was grinning at the before picture of your Ikea wall with "simplify" written over all that visible kitchen stuff. And then you did simplify, getting everything out of sight. It's gorgeous.

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So very nice. You even simplified out the "simplify". Your kitchen gives me hope that when I downsize, the kitchen can still be a work horse and look amazing!

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so sweet! very pretty beautiful transformaton. i love the contrasts.

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Great job!! I'm doing 10.5' x 7' galley kitchen right now. I'm putting an 11" pantry I thought was going to be to small but after seeing yours I'm sure I'll be fine.

Like you, I went with a 24" Liebherr, I prefer to keep what's in the fridge fresh and go shopping more often.

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Thanks everyone again for such kind words.

Funny that many of you commented on the "Simplify" hanging in my "before" kitchen. Although I now have more cabinets, I do feel that my new kitchen is much more simple and joyful to cook in! Before it was so chaotic - too much going on. Sadly, I didn't have a new space for the "Simplify" piece so it too is now in my brother-in-laws hands.

polie - although my kitchen would not make the "under $20K" list, it is not too far off. We waited for sales and I used lots of tips from GW so we got almost everything on sale or at a reduced price. We also had a contractor that did not charge us NYC prices, which was helpful.

colorfast - yes AJ Madison has great on-line prices. When I was ready to order (months after having gone to the showroom) on a whim I called the salesperson I spoke with at the store and she gave me a great discount!

mtnrdredux - my husband takes Cod Liver Oil to help with his knees: he had knee surgery years ago which started to give him some pain - too much friction. A friend of ours is an herbologist and suggested Cod Liver Oil - magic! Knee pain gone.

JPRain - I love my galley! I feel like it suits me - in larger kitchens I feel a bit lost. In addition, the other night my husband and I both cooked together, while my toddler played on the floor - ALL IN THE KITCHEN - it was a first for us and we all had plenty of space. Best of luck with yours and your 24" tall and skinny. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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You did a terrific job!

Could you please tell us where you were able to get the Rosemary Caesarstone? We had wanted to use it as well?


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Wryorwhite - It looks like there might be some Rosemary slabs still in stock at Marble and Granite, Inc. where I found mine (thanks to GW)-

My fabricator was Precision Stone in CT - highly recommend -

Here is the link to my GW message "Tracking down discontinued Caesarstone - Rosemary" which describes my journey

Best of luck! We love this countertop.

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I've been staring at this kitchen for 2 weeks. You've not only managed to bring me out of lurk mode on GW, but you managed to inspire me enough to go back and play with layouts after months of dread and confusion. The entire kitchen is great, but you absolutely won me over with that fridge. You MIGHT have even managed to solve my dilemma about how to fit a pantry into my new kitchen if I don't want to go with an L+island layout.

The before and after here is amazing. You have created not only an incredibly functional kitchen - but one with great visual appeal.

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What a great space! Very inspiring for everyone who sees the gigantic spaces and thinks they can't have a beautiful kitchen with anything less.

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Brooklyn - I hadn't been on GW when you posted this, so I only got to see it because it was referenced in Shoebox Life's thread. It's incredible! I can't believe it's less than 9' x 7'. You packed so much function into every inch. And it is very, very lovely, so soothing and warm. It's obvious you put a huge amount of effort and thought into planning it, and it all paid off. As you say, hurray for small kitchens!

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What is the brand of your cabinets? I really like! :)

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This kitchen should be the poster boy for what one can do with a small space. This is fantastic! I have a small kitchen myself and have a tall slim fridge but only an LG :-( I can see the difference between the Liebherr styling, finish and quality. I can't believe how much storage and organization you were able to get in your new space and it doesn't look the least bit tight. What a great job!

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Wow. I am also one who is finally getting around to seeing this. From one Brooklynite to another, I must tell you that I am very impressed with this kitchen! The design, being so smart and functional, does wonders in calming, ordering and organizing your space. Funny thing is, I absolutely loved your original butcher block counter with completely open shelving systems. There was something about it that spoke "home", "down to earth", "real cooks work here." But, OTOH, in such a very small space, I can only imagine that all those things to look at each day only made the space feel smaller. Now, you are sleek and cool and green and highly organized! At the same time, the color palette, the displayed bowls and the art work -- especially in the dining room and all of which I'm spying because I have some very similar pieces all over my own home -- lend a very warm, personal touch to the whole space.

You've done a great job with this Brooklyn galley kitchen. Enjoy and be proud!

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One of my all-time favorites on GW

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Amazing!! I cannot wait to borrow tons of ideas from your kitchen, if you do not mind ofcourse :)

I am about to start designing our kitchen, and I am curious where you found some of the functional parts of your kitchen - all from kraftmaid or from any other store. In particular, I am interested in knowing where you found: a) the trash sliding system, b) the cabinet door holding wash supplies on the inside, c) the little swing door space that you created to house wash cloth and the brush for dishes

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The kitchen looks great and clearly is designed for function. But, as someone who lived in the city for many years and had several kitchens of this size and configuration, what I especially appreciate is the intelligence of all the choices which are perfect (at least IMO), logical and appropriate for the type of kitchen it is. Berta, Liebherr, Caesarstone, storage drawers. Those choices make limited space work really hard while looking effortless. Brava!

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I thought your old kitchen was pretty nice, but busy.

However, I love what you've done with the new kitchen. The best part about it, is that it's a cook's kitchen. So many plans don't orient a kitchen around someone actually cooking and what's practical.

I've done a small kitchen remodel before & can appreciate the thoughtful use of space. You really can have it all, great job!

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WOW! stunning job. I have a question about the trash pullout- what size cabinet is that? and is it the Rev-a-shelf pullout?

Thanks and really congratulations on an amazing job.

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WOW! Your kitchen is incredible. I am so impressed with the way you have utilized your space. I love your little spice jars. Do you mind my asking where you can find those? I am trying to decide what to use when I set up my spice drawer and I really like those.
Hope you have wonderful times and memories in your new kitchen!

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Wow! Absolutlely beautiful. Amazing use of space. I'm not usually so much on green but those colors are fantastic. Thank you so much for posting pictures!

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What a wonderful transformation! I love the green counters and tile -- it was well worth your effort to track down the Rosemary. I am impressed with how efficiently everything is designed. The open shelves at the end to let in light and still store your produce were genius.

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Loved it as inspiration in the before pictures and I think you met and superseded the results in the after pics. A FAB new Kitchen. Absolutely loved what you did to it

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Great kitchen! I too am in the process of trying to plan our kitchen reno. We have a tiny kitchen.
Just today I was debating between using white cabs or a natural looking wood like you have...

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Wow. I have been off-line since the end of June running a summer camp and was surprised to see my kitchen back in the discussion mix! Thanks everyone for the kinds words! I miss my new kitchen but I am having fun cooking in a camp kitchen built in the early 1900's (with many of the original features)- it's easily four times the size of my galley kitchen, but I am also cooking for hungry campers and staff fresh off the lakes and mountain trails - three meals a day - so the size is helpful. More to come - I will get some photos to share during a "quiet" moment.

As for the questions:

dpx_townhome and lisa02 - all the cabinet "extras" (trash pull-out, SS sink tilt tray and sink door storage) are Rev-a-Shelf brand offered via Kraftmaid. Instead of me installing these items, it was easier to have the cabinets ordered and delivered with everything already installed by Kraftmaid! The double trash pull-out is 15 inches.

weimom - the spice jars are from Ikea. I bought them 3+ years ago, but I think they are still offered in the store. I try to buy spices in bulk and these little jars have been great. They are also the perfect height for the drawers with little wasted space.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the input on the spice jars. I'm hoping to use a drawer and fit as many as possible in it. I will check Ikea.

    Bookmark   July 13, 2012 at 5:23PM
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For your countertop, do you remember what type of edge you had the fabricator do? The reason I ask is that there was a post yesterday about Ceasarstone countertop chipping around edges and around undermount sinks. Have you had any such problem?

Just love this kitchen of yours!

    Bookmark   July 13, 2012 at 10:45PM
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Wow, first of all it's beautiful! And you did a great job of squeezing in all kinds of cool features. (I admired your use of space in your original kitchen too.) Love the Liebherr frig!! I think that'll have to be my next one. What a wonderful transformation!

    Bookmark   July 14, 2012 at 1:17AM
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Hi polie - I have a simple eased edge around the kitchen and sink. I am not easy on my kitchen and have nothing but praises to sing about the Caesarstone. I have banged it - dropped a few things - let my toddler cook and bake with me - no worries aside from a knife scratch (my own fault) that I filled in with a Sharpie of a similar color and it's gone (there is a GW discussion on this as well).

    Bookmark   July 14, 2012 at 7:58PM
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Thank you for the information. I don't abuse countertops and I know there is no perfect material, but it's a relief to hear that everyday use hasn't led to any problem with your Caesarstone.

    Bookmark   July 15, 2012 at 7:51PM
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Amazing, just lovely and so well designed and organized. Thank you for all the info and pics, very inspiring!

    Bookmark   July 20, 2012 at 8:55AM
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Just want to say I find this kitchen to be inspiring :) I have it bookmarked and come back to look at it often as I contemplate options for my long, skinny kitchen. I envy you your tall ceilings! We have a dropped ceiling in the kitchen so aren't really able to go /up/ for storage :(

    Bookmark   May 28, 2013 at 10:44PM
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You really needed that new storage! What a great job you did on your renovation. I too am a huge lover of bright lime green :) Very very nice job!

    Bookmark   May 28, 2013 at 11:36PM
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Wow - weautiful kitchen!

I am in the process on planning my new Brooklyn galley kitchen, and yours is very inspiring.

I'm new to GW - is it ok to ask who your contractor is?


    Bookmark   August 6, 2013 at 6:09PM
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This is one for the textbooks.

    Bookmark   September 28, 2014 at 11:07PM
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Lovely use of space!


    Bookmark   January 19, 2015 at 12:46AM
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