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Butterbud_August 12, 2004

Hello - We decided to take a Globus Tour which starts in SF, then Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe and winding down Big Sur and ending up in San Diego (12 days in all. We will be arriving on September 25th. What is acceptable to wear at that time of year? I hear SF is really chilly and we should dress in layers as we go down the coast. Are white slacks acceptable in Sept/Oct? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My DH used Globus in Europe and really liked it. End of Sept should be cool, but not cold. You might run into some fog, I would take a lined wind breaker, light sweaters and some sort of scarf or protection for your head. Usually they don't get much rain that time of year, but with this crazy weather this year, don't count on anything. Just personally, I don't like white slacks, but I do see alot of people wearing them, especially the senior citizens. One problem is they do show the dirt easier, and getting on and off the bus, doing the tours etc they will show spots easy. You might think more the blues/greens/beiges. Lake Tahoe could be quite chilly as it is around 6500 feet. But then, most of the time you will be on the bus or in buildings, unless you have walking tours. SF can be drizzley, raining, foggy and most of the time that part of the state is windy. San Diego even could be quite warm. You also could pack light, and pick up some new clothes as they should be having their end of season sales.
Good luck and I know you will have a great time
Marie from ND, but lived in Calif for many years

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Marie - Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'll nix on the white slacks even though I am a recent "senior citizen". Don't want to give my age away yet. Thanks again. Diane

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It is September 7 and very hot here in So. sure to check the weather before you come - it was 101 in Long Beach a few days ago. I'd definitely bring some things that are lightweight and cool.

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September is our hottest month of the year here in Southern California - most definitely check the weather forecast before you leave. I recommend a hat and sunglasses - friends who come to visit from the east coast don't realize how bright it is here - all the time! Definitely a good pair of sunglasses and a hat with a comfortable brim.

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