Mexico Vacation Awareness

besafeAugust 6, 2008

Since my sons tragic death in Cancun last year, I have made it a priority to educate people about the many unknown dangers of vacationing in Mexico. Please visit my website: WWW.MEXICOVACATIONAWARENESS.COM before making any travel plans.

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Besafe as a graduation gift to my son, he and a few of his friends went to Cancun. After reading these stories, I am thanking God that my son came home safe and sound. I'm so sorry for your loss and I thank you for trying to get the word out there.

From the stories he was telling us about being ripped off from the minute they got there by bus drivers to the police, we had already figured we wouldnt be visiting mexico again.After reading all of your stories, I can honestly say, we're done visiting Mexico. There are too many other beautiful areas of the world to be visiting a place where its second nature to rip you off even by the police and your safety is in question.

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I have been advised by a Mexican not to go if you can't pass for Mexican. You will be a target if you can't. I am sure some places are safe, but I would never wander around at night or do the bar scenes alone or even as a twosome. I think the problem has accelerated because of the tightening of the borders and the lack of respect the immigrants receive here.

I have been in San Juan and was told by the locals it is safe there, but it is far from it. On my last cruise I met a woman who's brother married a woman from there. He moved there and set up his dental practice. He has a gun in every room of his home, he wears a gun strapped to his leg when he goes to work and his office has security doors. When his kids grew up, they came to the US for college and would not return to San Juan. They told their Dad to return to the states, that he was crazy to stay in San Juan. In case you don't know, San Juan is a territory of the USA and that made me believe it would be safe. They are American citizens.

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Any place with rampant poverty is also going to have crime. We recently visited St Thomas and St Martaan on a cruise. The were both kind of dumpy and the people would just not leave you alone.

I can visit Florida if I want great weather, and clean and safe beach -- and people don't bother you ever five minutes to buy their junk.

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