how long to get passport?

irislover7bAugust 4, 2006

I've never applied for a passport before, so I went to the State Department's website to find out how to do it. It said it usually takes about 6 weeks, unless you pay extra for expedited service, which would take about 2 weeks. And it said that it takes longer during the summer travel season. Then when I googled, I saw several sites that advertised passports in 24 hours. I'd like to get one in within 4 weeks. Do y'all think the expedited service would get me one that quickly, this time of year?

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Hi irislover, we needed to renew our passports for our vacation to Scotland and England this summer. For just the renewal it took close to 8 weeks to get them back in the mail. Please be careful about those 24 hour services. I have never heard of anyone getting a new passport in 24 hours...even in an emergency. Make sure you have filled out the forms completely and correctly. Your photo has to be taken by an authorized photo shop. Our friend thought he could get away with just taking his digital camera and taking the photos. His passport application was rejected because he did that. And yes, all the families' photos are horrible! I haven't had a good photo yet! NancyLouise

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I'll do it the regular way, and hope paying for expedited service and overnight delivery both ways will get it here faster than 8 weeks.

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We renewed ours at the Post office on June 28, and received them on July 28, without paying for expidited service. There is a place on the application for a departure date. I put our Sept departure date, I do not know if that makes a difference in timing.

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I got one for my 17 yr old son last November. It took about 4 weeks. My father had problems though, he is in his 70's and never had one before. It seems his birth certificate listed him as baby boy Peterson. I guess grandma hadn't thought of a name before the Birth Certificate was made out. SO he had to deal with getting the B.C. correct to have his name before getting a Passport. If you don't have any problems and don't run into a snafu it doesn't take long.

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I just renewed my passport and it took one business week. I did not pay for expedited service. I filled out the on-line form and took it to the receiving post office, along with my old passport. They took my picture, collected the money, and mailed everything in to the passport agency. A week later, my new passport was in my mailbox. Pretty good service if you ask me.

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