Do you Like Visiting Friends or Relatives When on Vacation

mary_maxAugust 2, 2011

I just hate having to go on vacation and stop at inlaws or extended family. I just love going for weekend and do what I want to do with myself and spouse. My husband seems to want to stop always at someones home. We do and they control the rest of our time. Its so not fun. Do you ever feel this way and just want to do your own thing without that darn extended family.

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I don't mind visiting but we get a motel room first!!! That way we (me) is in better control. Many Times they have things planned we just are not interested in or plans that don't fit with ours. Especially if there is children involved on either side. But we did years of traveling with a RV and there was many things at RV parks that were interesting to us, but not our friends and relatives. Instead of visiting at home, sometimes we would meet them at a restaurant or even at a park.

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I agree that visiting relatives would not be my fav vacation. In fact, "family vacation" is kind of a contradiction in terms.

I would like to address this from the other side: family members decide to drop in without calling or arranging beforehand - too rude! We live in S. CA near Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood and all the other tourist attractions. People come here in the hot summer and expect to go to those destinations, which are extremely crowded and uncomfortable in the tourist season. I now just give them directions and say have-a-nice-time.

I think family vacations taken together maybe work on a cruise ship or someting. Otherwise it's not very relaxing.

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I usually don't mind if it's on the way to our destination.

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