New here - Rocking Chair Transformation

iris21August 20, 2006

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but really enjoying it and looking forward to meeting you all. I just posted a few pics in the Tole Painting Gallery, and it dawned on me that this one should go here.

I picked this rocker up at a garage sale for next to nothing years ago, and finally decided to do something with it. Here is the only before pic I have, and it's an "in progress" pic. Notice the water stains on the back of it, which is why I think they sold it.

Here's the completed project:

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Love it! Your tole painting is fabulous!

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Oh my gosh! That's wonderful! I wish I could paint things in such an expert looking way but it just ain't gonna happen! LOL

By the way, welcome to the TtoT forum. We're glad to have you.

Hi, Lydia!!! (Wavin' like Granny Clampett attcha!)

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Nice painting on the chair - welcome to the forum. We want more pics you know, we want more. Where did you paint on the Tole Painting forum, please post here too.


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- Thank you, Lydia1959. Really, I'm just a beginner on the painting.

- Thanks, Des (and HI again). I'm not an accomplished painter by any means. All I did was watch Donna Dewberry on TV and picked up a few of her books. I practiced on cardboard boxes. I think my trash men must have been scratching their heads when they saw all those painted boxes at the curb. lol!

- Hi Sal. Thanks for your kind words. I put stuff in the Tole Painting Gallery here:

I've got one more post to do to the Gallery over on the Tole board when I get a round tuit. :-) I didn't post them here because they weren't exactly T2T. Hard to know whether to post in crafts, or tole, or here, ya know?

I hope you will all post lots of pics of things you've done! I'm really eager to see them. I *LOVE* T2T projects, don't you? They're the best!

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I'm probably going to sell that chair because I just don't have room for it. But what should I ask for it if I do?

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