priceline for hotels?

JosetteAugust 13, 2001

Hi, I've used priceline for airline tickets and am considering them for hotel reservations. They don't mention any hotel names at all though. Has anyone used them? If so, could you let me know where they put you and what quality of hotel you had requested (1 star to 5 stars). I just want to get an idea of whether we should bid on a 2 1/2 star or 3 star hotel. Thanks!!!

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I used Priceline to reserve hotel rooms when I want to Orlando this March. Got two double rooms at the Wyndham Garden resort for $42 per night for five nights, and then they upgraded to the deluxe rooms since I signed up for thier preferred guest program. Start the request by asking for five star category and then work your way down. Would not suggest going down beyond four star since you do not know they type of hotels below that. There are websites out there which tells you how to bid for rooms through Priceline. Try doing a google search and putting in "bidding for rooms through Priceline" or something like that. Best of luck!!!

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4 star in Pittsburgh (just after 9/11) for $50 (I had heard they had rejected $45). 4 star in Chicago for 85 recently (for a hotel that normally cost $220) and someone we met in the elevator had gotten a room there for $45. One thing we realized was that this 4 star chicago hotel was basically there for business travelers who have companies who will pay $220/day for a room whereas weekend travelers won't. So they probably don't normally do much business on weekends which is why they have to take those low priceline bids.

Of course, don't forget they will still gauge you on other things like taxes, parking fees, ect. but at least you can get the base price down.

Good luck.

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We bid for a 4 star hotel in San Francisco, 2 rooms at $50 a night. No deal so we went to $55. Still refused so we went to $60- BINGO! 3 nights at the Park Hyatt San Francisco for $210 (after the tag-ons). That is less than the rack rate for one night and the hotel- fabulous. I love Priceline.

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Well, the only problem with Priceline is that if something unexpected happens, you are STUCK with the bill, and that is that. My friend booked via priceline in NYC for this past weekend--just the 2 of us were going. She ended up in the hospital but there was no way I could reach Priceline to explain my problem unless I had her credit card, ID,etc. I tried both phone and email. I was so frustrated!!! I called the hotel but they said only she could check in with her credit card and picture ID. Right before she went into surgery, she called the hotel directly and begged the manager to switch the reservation to me. He finally relented. I could not change my airline ticket either without a huge penalty, so my husband used miles (plus $80) and went with me at the last minute. The hotel was very convenient for our purposes--a Radisson with 3 stars for $95, which for midtown Manhattan seemed good. I don't think I will use Priceline again unless it is at the last second and I am positive I will use the reservations.

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Direct is best if you can. Internet bookings seem convenient but if you need to cancel, you can't do it through the intended motel and then you still have to pay the motel and the booking agency. IF you do use an internet booking, check with the motel directly to make sure they received your reservation. The confirmation number from internet booking agencies is a confirmation from them not the motel. I have had far too many would be guests turned away when they expected a room because we had no vacancies and no internet booking was actually received.

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I have always had good luck with, BUT, I go into it knowing that if something happens and I have to cancel or change plans, I pretty much just lose my money. Because of this, I don't use it for super important things- but for little weekend getaways, it has been wonderful!

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Try, just used them for Vegas and got a good deal.

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