Pls Help ~ Giving Junk or T2T Yard Sale ~ Need Advice

njtomboyAugust 15, 2008

OK - I posted this on the Garden Junk board but still need help finding this post & getting tips...

Last year there was a post about someone wanting to give a yard sale (not for cast offs) but for beautiful projects made from junk.

One woman talked about a sale she gave yearly w/a friend. I remember something about putting tags on the items with cute sayings.

Her post gave a lot of great tips...

Well I've decided just this morning that I want to give one Labor Day weekend.. and need a link to that post AND any help you can give as well!

Again this is not a regular yard sale.. I want to sell my creations as well as get sign-ups for my brandy new local rec center junk class.... (YAAAY!)

So I need this to be a really beautiful experience for the neighbors so the will come out and participate. Any help y'all can give would be greatly appreciated!


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Are you referring to robomargo?

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No actually Margo had posted on that same old post too...

It was a woman who said she gave them and they were quite successful!

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I sure wish we could find out who this woman is. I like the idea of this sort of sale. When most people think about garage/yard sales, they think junk. I don't consider the things I have as junk, cause it's still in great shape and it's not trendy things like geese, ducks, etc. Colors are also current~no green/burgundy or blue/mauve. ;o)

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