Mall of America

polarprincessAugust 25, 2003

HI, i have been there before and we are going again this weekend but i just recently found out about the mall of america couponbook you can purchase and i was wondering what is in it and if it is worth it? i have a coupon for 4 dollars off of it- also we have never tried the Underwater adventure or the cereal adventure.. i have coupons for 4 dollars off the water one and 1 dollar off the cereal one and i was wondering if they are even worth going to? i don't mind spending money if it is worth it but hate throwing it away- sure found some good deals! aside from the coupons i mentioned- we also got a residence inn suite- 2 year old hotel with full kitchen, separate living and dining, hotel has a waterpark and we got the room with waterpark admission included for 69$ a night!!! so i found online coupons for camp snoopy restaurants for 50% off meals, got 20 % off the minnesota zoo et. etc...

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