old suitcase

junkgirlJuly 12, 2005

I curb shopped an old Samsonite hard shell suitcase. It's naugahyde I guess. Does anyone know what to clean the sticky label goo off with? It looks like it's been on a few trips and I don't mind the "beat up" look, but I cant seem to remove the glue stuff. alice

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Buy a product called De-Solv-It at your local store. Wal-mart, K-mart, Walgreens, they all seem to have the stuff. It's near the laundry section...runs about $5.00. Wonderful product.
Good luck, have fun with your find.

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There is also a product called Sticker Lifter by Goo Gone that works really well.It has a little plastic thingy with it to lift the sticker off with.Goo Gone will also work.Both products are available at Wal-Mart.

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Before buying anything special, try fingernail polish remover (with acetone), or paint thinner. Mayonaise also works for glass, not sure how it would work on the suitcase.

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Varsol might do it - about $5.00 a gal., I think.

Check among friends whether anyone has some that would give you a quarter-cupful.

Alcohol might do the job.

Or ... gasoline would almost certainly do it.

But - be sure to use it outside, and use only a very little with very little rubbing. Let rag dry throoughly before disposal and do so with care.

Hope you find an inexpensive way to achieve your goal - it's sure to be there. Without using expensive customized products, I'm sure.

joyful guy

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I find WD40 takes off goo. Just spray on, wait a few minutes for it to work and wipe goo/stickers away.

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I have used cooking oil too.

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