Free Hot Tub

MagnoliaMommyJuly 9, 2005

When we moved in (about 5 years ago) there was a hot tub left next to the shed. My genius plan was to dig a hole & drop it into the ground... make a koi pond. It has never happened. So, if anyone wants to come & get it... it's yours.

I live in South East Texas an hour Northwest of Houston.


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Sheila, wish I lived closer and I'd probably take you up on that offer! Does it work, or do you know? Although I probably don't dare volunteer my DH for still another project for awhile! LOL

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Sadly, the tub does not work... no pump or motor. It needs a real good scrubbing but I really think it would make a great pond.
If ya change your mind & want it just let me know. :o)

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Sounds like it WOULD make a great koi pond! I'l let you know, but sounds like too many miles and too much work right now! LOL

Hope you get a taker - how about Freecycle?

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Even were I closer, I'd be afraid to take it, for use in its original purpose ...

... it'd give the folks at KT an excuse to claim that I was "all wet".

'Twould be nice during a cold Ontario winter, though - unless it were outside.

joyful guy

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