Can't find where to buy webbing.

goldilocsApril 20, 2010

Hey fellow artists. Can anyone help me find where to purchase the webbing that you use to lay out your mosaics? I want to lay it out on the webbing and then transfer it to my final destination but I can't find where to get it!! I saw someone mention that they were going to use the webbing from the old hook rugs but I am pretty sure they make stuff just for doing mosaics. Help!!!

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Hello GOLDI: I think you are referring to mosaic mesh. I'm too stingy to buy it, so when I want to use it I use the fiberglass screen that comes in a roll from Lowes - waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than the mesh. However, I'll refer you to Delphi Glass from where I started ordering supplies when I first started mosaicing. They are too expensive for my stinginess now. The important thing, IMO, is to be sure if you use the screen, to press it onto your thinset to ensure the thinset comes through to contact your tesserae. If you want to search for the mesh, just Google Delphi Glass or Mosaic Mesh, and you'll find other sources

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I buy mesh from Wit's End Mosaics on the internet.

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