I'm going to Ireland

riverrat1July 6, 2004

with my mother in August. My mother (68 yrs. old) has a few health problems (diabetic, pacemaker) and doesn't want to go on our own, so we are taking a tour. I am looking forward to this trip with her, we both need a vacation, what I don't need is grief. I have never traveled on a tour and I really don't know what to expect. I have traveled some over seas, but it is usually just my husband and I on our own, not with a group. I guess what I am asking is what should I expect? Has anyone traveled to Ireland in August? I have the latest Fodor's travel guide and have been reading up on customs,food,gratuities, ect. We are traveling with Holiday Vacations, are they good at what they do? There is a tour manager, what is his job? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I have not traveled to Ireland or with that company, but can tell you to be flexible and buy travel insurance. My last trip cost $7,000. and I had to cancel. Thank goodness I had purchased the insurance. The tour manager is probably a company guide who helps you along the way. Ours helped us through the airports, customs etc.. I tip according to the service I received, good service = good tips. Take lots of film, years down the line, the photos will take you back again, you won't be sorry. On my first trip, a travel companion, said she would keep her memories in her mind. BUT when we returned we had lunch together and I took my photo album. She said, "Oh my, this is like taking the trip all over again". I envy you, my traveling days are over because my husband has Alzheimer's.

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Jonsey, thank you so much for responding to my post. When I travel, I always take lots of photo's. When I return home I take alot of time and do an album of that trip. I keep train tickets, post cards, money, ect from that country and incorporate them into the album. I want this to be a trip full of memories, for myself, but mostly for my mother. I know life goes by so fast, I want to enjoy my mother for the rest of the time I have her here with me. I'm glad to know you had good travel days in your life. Hang onto those thoughts, they will help you in the hardest time of your life. I'm very sorry your husband has Alzheimer's, it is such a devestating thing. Good luck to you and to your husband.

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Thanks River, I appreciate the kind thoughts. If/when my husband gets to the point where he doesn't know me, I may find a temp place for him for a couple of weeks and take a trip. I use friends and family for a "sounding board" and they don't seem to think it would be wrong to do that.

I have a photo album for each of my two trips to Africa and one for my two trips to Peru. Also you might keep a journal, write in it EVERY night, I have been told if you wait until the next day to write in them, you will forget 50% of the details. They are fun to read over the years.

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I hitch-hiked around Ireland in the 70's (oh, for the good old days) and was there for 2 months -- July and August. It was wonderful and the weather was perfect--in the '50's at night and 70-80's in the day. My ONLY regret was that I did not bring a camera, which I did on purpose, since I wanted to blend in and play in the pubs (fiddle). I did not want to be identified as a tourist. I have my memories, but a few photos would have been nice.


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